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Thoughts on Brewers outfielder Rymer Liriano

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Someone asked recently for my current take on Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Rymer Liriano. We aim to please, so here it is:

Rymer Liriano, OF, Milwaukee Brewers
Bats: R Throws: R HT: 6-0 WT: 230 DOB: June 20, 1991

Everyone has a serious case of prospect fatigue with Rymer Liriano. He’s always had excellent tools, particularly his throwing arm, but struggled with strike zone judgment and erratic production. He actually had a very good 2015 season, posting a 128 wRC+. Yes, it was the Pacific Coast League but observers reported greatly improved plate discipline. That’s backed up by the much better walk rate, though he’s still vulnerable to whiffs. The new Padres front office wasn’t impressed, didn’t promote him to the majors, then shipped him off to Milwaukee in January, 2016 for an A-ball LOOGY named Trevor Seidenberger. I think this is a good call for the Brewers. Liriano still has all the tools that everyone loved, he has a good Triple-A season under his belt now, and he is not an old man yet at age 25. Contact issues will prevent a high batting average but his combination of speed, power, and throwing can still make him a viable role player at the least. Grade C+.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY: The note above is from the 2016 Baseball Prospect Book. Liriano is 3-for-19 in spring training with the Brewers, though two of those hits (a double and a triple) are for extra bases. He's stolen a base, been caught once, and has three walks against eight strikeouts. All of which is very Rymer Liriano-like.

In short, nothing has changed here. He still shows a great deal of talent in flashes. I'm doubting whether he ever gets consistent enough to start regularly for a long time, but you could do worse for a fourth outfielder/Quadruple-A bat, and perhaps he can put something together in his late 20s and have a strong three-year run. He'd be an excellent pick for an expansion draft if we ever have one of those again.