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Positional value of top prospects: How much to consider?

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Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Over at, Christina Kahrl asked an interesting question today: if you could have Corey Seager of the Dodgers, or Miguel Sano of the Twins, who would you pick?

Seager will be Number One on my 2016 Top 50 (and extended Top 175) prospect list. Sano is no longer a technical rookie so this specific choice isn't one I have to resolve for the list, but there are many similar dilemmas every year.

How do we account for the relative value of prospects at different positions? For example, in the Houston Astros system I currently have middle infielder Alex Bregman and first baseman A.J. Reed both rated as Grade A- prospects. They will both be in the top 10. But how much should Bregman's position weigh in relation to Reed when trying to rank them on a list? My first thought was for Bregman to rank ahead due to positional scarcity, but if Reed reaches his full potential, he could very well have a larger impact than Bregman long-term, even accounting for defense.

Put another way, who is more likely to have a higher career WAR, Bregman or Reed? Or, as Kahrl asks, Seager or Sano?

In your own evaluations, how do you weight these factors?