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Update on the 2016 Baseball Prospect Book

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I am plugging away at the 2016 Baseball Prospect Book. Right now my goal is to have it finished by March 10th, which is about five days behind schedule, but considering the circumstances over the last two months I think we're doing OK. As soon as it is finished, the PDF will be emailed to everyone who ordered either the PDF or the print version. The print version will follow ASAP but the exact date will depend on the printer.

I know a lot of you have fantasy drafts coming up and are anxious to get as much information as possible before then. Remember that the current grades are all in the Top 20 Organization lists along with brief snippets about the top 20 players in each system.. I will be posting a grade summary later this week and I will be posting additional player comments lifted from the book in their own articles.

If this isn't enough to keep you going and you are in an emergency situation regarding fantasy drafts, email me at and we'll discuss other options. I appreciate everyone's patience.

I will post some book excerpts later this evening.