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Kevin Gausman
Kevin Gausman
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I am now working on the Cincinnati Reds top 20 prospects list for 2016. The next team in line is the Baltimore Orioles, to be followed by the Arizona Diamondbacks, Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals, Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Tampa Bay Rays.

Use this thread to discuss the Baltimore Orioles system. Possible points for discussion include, but are certainly not limited to,

***The Orioles finished 81-81 in third place in the American League East. What happens in 2016? Can they get to 85 wins? 90 or more? Or will they fall below .500?

***Is this the year that Kevin Gausman takes the step from solid starter to true rotation anchor/ace? Will that never happen at all?

***Jonathan Schoop is still just 24 years old. His 2015 was much better than his 2014. Will he improve further or will he always be a tease?

***Dylan Bundy is reportedly healthy and is out of options. He has to make the roster. How would you handle him?

***First base prospect Trey Mancini hit .341/.375/.563. Illusion or real?

***As always, feel free to discuss your sleeper picks or anything else Orioles-oriented.