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Minor League Ball Gameday, World Series Game Seven

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Kyle Hendricks
Kyle Hendricks
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we predicted that the Cleveland Indians would defeat the Chicago Cubs by a 5-3 score behind home runs from Carlos Santana and Jason Kipnis. We got the Kipnis home run right but otherwise this prediction was wrong, the Cubs triumphing 9-3 as you well know. This brings our post-season prediction record for 2016 to 19-12 and more importantly sets up what should be a terrific Game Seven.

All the components for a classic pitcher's duel are in place, with the Indians sending ace Corey Kluber to the mound to battle Cubs stalwart Kyle Hendricks. A contrarian would say this will be an unexpected slugfest instead of a pitcher's duel, but we won't play contrarian today.

Prediction: Carlos Santana does hit that home run and the Indians win 3-2 when the Cubs bullpen blows a lead in the seventh inning.