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2016 MLB Post-season predictions

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Anthony Rendon
Anthony Rendon
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 MLB post-season is upon us. Here are some predictions for the outcome, guaranteed to be 100% accurate in some quantum permutation of the multi-verse, just not necessarily the one we inhabit.

AMERICAN LEAGUE WILD CARD: Orioles defeat the Blue Jays 6-3.
NATIONAL LEAGUE WILD CARD: Mets beat the Giants 2-0.

ALDS: Rangers beat the Orioles three games to zero; Red Sox defeat Indians three games to two.
NLDS: Cubs beat the Mets three games to one; Nationals defeat the Dodgers three games to two.

ALCS: Rangers beat the Red Sox four games to two
NLDS: Nationals defeat the Cubs four games to three.

WORLD SERIES: Nationals defeat Rangers four games to two.
WORLD SERIES MVP: Anthony Rendon

What say you?