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Minor League Ball Gameday: World Series Game One

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Corey Kluber
Corey Kluber
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday we predicted that the Dodgers would hold off the Cubs with a 3-1 victory behind Clayton Kershaw. To the delight of Chicago fans everywhere this prediction was wrong of course. That brings our post-season prediction record for 2016 to 16-10.

For World Series Game One, we will predict that the Cleveland Indians will narrowly beat the Cubs 4-3 tonight.

From a purely personal perspective, this World Series match-up is a particular treat. As most of you know I have been a Minnesota Twins fan since childhood but in general I like the Midwest clubs and both the Indians and Cubs are among the teams I usually root for. Both teams are anchored by intriguing young players and my personal hope is that we get to see Addison Russell and Francisco Lindor and Kris Bryant and Jose Ramirez and their young teammates in many more post-seasons to come.

And you're not a baseball fan if you're not rooting for Ryan Merritt!