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Minor League Ball Gameday, October 16, 2016

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we predicted that the Blue Jays would defeat the Indians 4-1 behind JA Happ and the Cubs would beat the Dodgers 5-2. The actual results were Indians 2, Blue Jays 1 (Happ had the good outing but it wasn't enough) and Cubs 8, Dodgers 4. This brings the post-season prediction record to 10-8.

For today's game we'll predict that that the Dodgers will beat the Cubs 2-1 in a superb pitcher's duel between Clayton Kershaw and Kyle Hendricks.

I'm taking a family day today and will return to normal operations tomorrow.


A reader asked Friday about Arizona Fall League coverage. The AFL got going earlier this week and yes we will cover it: we have a new writer, Taylor Rocha, who will be leading our AFL coverage for us starting early next week. I'll also be contributing and of course everyone should feel free to discuss AFL events here in the daily discussion thread.