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Minor League Ball update

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Rob Carr/Getty Images

Good morning everyone. With the New Years holiday behind us, it is time for an update on where things stand here at Minor League Ball.

***I am resuming work on the Top 20 prospects list, continuing with the Miami Marlins. I am doing more research on each list this year and I think the results have been good so far, or at least the lists have generally been received well. Despite several serious distractions during December we are still on course to have all the lists done before spring training exhibition games start in early March.

***Again, despite all the distractions this month the 2016 Baseball Prospect Book is still on schedule for release the first week of March. We still need pre-orders to finance publication however. Support small business and pre-order your copy of the 2016 Baseball Prospect Book today! Only available at

***I am working on a "catch up" post for later today, weighing in on baseball topics over the last week.