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"A Podcast To Be Named Later" w/ Chris Mitchell

The MLB Wrap Around: Episode #1 The Baltimore Orioles

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· "A Podcast To Be Named Later" w/ Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 & Lenny Melnick @LennyMelnick

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I have set an ambitious agenda to do a Podcast dedicated to every major league team before opening day. The plan is to have as many local writers and bloggers as possible to give us that insider, nuanced look and feel to our analysis.

The format for these podcasts will be to look back at 2015 to see where each organization was at this time last year as well as what kind of season they had. Next, analyze their offseason signings and trades, or lack thereof, to see how they look heading into 2016 compared to what they were at the end of 2015. Once we have done that then we use that data and analysis to preview and predict 2016.

The MLB Wrap Around: Episode #1 Baltimore Orioles

Topics on the Podcast:

* 2015 Review

- Can Manny Machado repeat his performance?

* 2015-2016 Offseason Activity

- Will they re-sign Chris Davis?

- Are they in on Cespedes or Upton if they don’t sign Davis?

- Likely to lose Chen, who replaces him?

* 2016 Preview & Predictions

- What to expect from Kevin Gausman?

- Can Matt Wieters & J.J. Hardy improve from 2015?

- What to expect from Mark Trumbo & Hyun-soo Kim

- Can they improve on an 81-81 record with this Pitching Staff and potentially, without Chris Davis?


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Chris Mitchell is a staff writer for, a Contributing writer for, SBNation's and He also hosts two Podcasts: "A Podcast To Be Named Later" and "The RotoExperts Fantasy Sports Show" that formerly aired on the Fantasy Sports Television Network (FNTSY). You can find him on Twitter @CJMitch73.