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Pre-order the 2016 Baseball Prospect Book

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Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Baseball Prospect Book is progressing well and we are still accepting pre-orders. The book will contain analysis and scouting information for approximately 1000 minor league players from all 30 MLB organizations.

The book is not available in stores and can only be ordered directly from me. You can use Paypal via, or you can send a check or money order to

John Sickels
PO Box 4066
Lawrence, KS  66049

***The paper copy costs $26.99 plus $7 shipping/handling, for a total of $33.99

***The electronic copy comes in PDF format and costs $26.99. Please note that you MUST provide a valid email address to receive the PDF version on time.

The paper copy includes the electronic version, but not vice versa.

We expect the electronic version to be ready by March 1st and the paper copies to ship in early March.

Publication of the Baseball Prospect Book is entirely funded by pre-orders, so we need as many orders as we can get. It would be a great post-Christmas present for yourself or a baseball fan you love, and the book helps keep Minor League Ball healthy and free.

Support American prospect analyst jobs! Buy the Baseball Prospect Book!