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2015 MLB Draft: Fourth round hitters review and results

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Kade Scivicque
Kade Scivicque
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The recent reviews of the early results from the 2015 MLB Draft, first and second rounds, have proven quite popular. We'll keep it going through at least the fourth round, continuing today with the fourth round hitters. Pitchers will be posted later this afternoon or early tomorrow.

The original quick draft day commentary is in italics.


109) Astros: Anthony Hermelyn, C, University of Oklahoma: Hits for average, gap power, solid with the glove. RESULT: Hit .241/.329/.293 with 26 walks, 41 strikeouts in 191 at-bats in the New York-Penn League. Played well on defense but bat was disappointing so far with lack of power.

110) Twins: Trey Cabbage, 3B, Tennessee HS: Pure hitter with tools for third base, was getting second round buzz. RESULT: Hit .252/.302/.269 with seven walks, 37 strikeouts in 119 at-bats in Gulf Coast Rookie League. Did not live up to expectations, with impatient approach and lack of power a bad combination. He's young (still just 18) and has plenty of time to correct this but it will be a process.

111) Red Sox: Tate Matheny, OF, Missouri State: Solid college talent with polish, few weaknesses. RESULTS: Hit .181/.283/.213 with nine walks, 52 strikeouts in 193 at-bats in the NY-P. That's, um, not very good, especially for a guy who was said to be a polished talent with solid tools who performed well in college. His strike zone judgment was much better in college but it didn't translate forward.

113) Cubs: Darryl Wilson, OF, Ohio HS: Extremely fast, somewhat raw but high leadoff upside. RESULT: Hit .266/.322/.354 with five steals over 79 at-bats in rookie ball. Small sample but as-advertised thus far, can run but not much power yet and needs polish including on defense.

114) Phillies:  Kyle Martin, 1B, South Carolina: Veteran college power hitter, senior selection could be nice value. RESULT: Hit .279/.325/.446 with five homers, 17 walks, 56 strikeouts in 251 innings in Low-A. Decent power as expected and held own making a difficult jump, but would like to see better BB/K as he moves forward.

115) Reds: Miles Gordon, OF, Canada HS: Runs well and has good strike zone judgment. RESULT: Hit .220/.262/.305 with seven walks, 26 strikeouts, five steals in 118 at-bats in rookie ball. Bat was not as polished as high school scouting reports indicated, however he is still just 17 years old. Could still be very good as he matures.

117) Padres: Austin Allen, C, Florida Tech: Big power from the left side, but can he catch? RESULT: Hit .240/.313/.332 with 21 walks, 38 strikeouts in 196 at-bats in Northwest League. College power didn't carry forward and his glove is still an open question, receives OK but needs a lot of work with his throwing.

119) Mets: David Thompson, 3B, Miami-FL: One of the best power hitters in college, fell due to defensive worries. RESULT: Hit .218/.268/.320 with three homers, 11 walks, 44 strikeouts in 206 at-bats. His glove actually turned out to be decent but the bat was hugely disappointing. I thought he was one of the best college hitters available but that did not show through in pro ball. Sharp home/road split here, .275/.303/.422 (that's actually pretty good for the NY-P) on the road but just .155/.229/.206 at home.

121) Brewers:  Demi Orimoloye, OF, Canada HS: Super-toolsy but erratic and raw. RESULT: Hit .292/.319/.518 with 19 steals, three walks, 39 strikeouts in 137 at-bats in rookie ball. Love the power/speed combination, could be an explosive producer if the strike zone doesn't get away at higher levels. Enormous upside.

122) Blue Jays: Carl Wise, 3B, College of Charleston: Solid power bat. RESULT: Hit .231/.268/.308 with one homer, eight walks, 43 strikeouts in the Northwest League. Showed good power in the Cape Cod League last year and through his college career but this did not happen in pro ball. Needs to get the power back and average/OBP are not his strength.

123) Yankees:  Jeff Hendrix, OF, Oregon State University: Lefty hitter with fair tools but good polish. RESULT: Hit .229/.332/.254 with 17 steals, 28 walks, 65 strikeouts in 236 at-bats in the NY-P. Instincts showed up well on bases and in the outfield, but strikes out a lot for a guy with little power.

124) Indians:
Tyler Krieger, 2B, Clemson: Polished switch-hitter, gets on base, gap pop. RESULT: He did sign but didn't play in pro ball, battled shoulder injury all spring. Good track record when healthy as OBP machine.

128) Athletics: Skye Bolt, OF, North Carolina:
Very athletic, power, speed, but hitting track record very erratic. RESULT: Hit .238/.325/.381 in the NY-P, more details here. Plenty-O-Tools but skills remain uncertain especially as a hitter. 

130) Tigers: Kade Scivicque, C, LSU:
Senior, solid with the glove, had a terrific offensive season. Nice senior to nab. RESULT: Hit .265/.333/.381 with 12 walks, 29 strikeouts in 197 at-bats split between NY-P and Midwest League. Threw out 50% of runners and glove looks good to me, though real scouts weren't totally sure about that in college. Sources who saw him in pro ball were more impressed. Some pop in the bat.

131) Cardinals: Paul DeJong, C-3B, Illinois State:
Senior, strong hitting record but position unclear. RESULT: Hit .316/.394/.516 with nine homers, 13 steals, 29 walks, 52 strikeouts in 256 at-bats in Appalachian and Midwest Leagues. Held his own with glove at third base. Cardinals sure know how to pick these guys.

132) Dodgers: Willie Calhoun, INF-OF, Yavapai JC:
Hit 31 homers this year from 5-8 frame. Not sure where the glove works but bat is very intriguing. RESULT: Outstanding debut, hit .316/.390/.519 with 11 homers, 35 walks, 38 strikeouts in 285 at-bats at three levels, finishing strongly in the California League. Needs a LOT of work with the glove, but combination of power and overall hitting ability looks special.

133) Orioles; Ryan McKennay, OF, New Hampshire HS
: VERY cold weather player, good athlete, tools at least average. RESULT: Hit .266/.366/.324 in 34 at-bats, drew six walks against six strikeouts. Sample too small to be meaningful but he showed a good approach in the early going.

134) Angels: Brendon Sanger, OF, Florida Atlantic: Big numbers, good plate discipline with some pop. RESULT: Hit .300/.420/.456 in the Pioneer League with 45 walks, 39 strikeouts in 217 at-bats, also stole 13 bases. Impressive debut but we need to see him against higher-level pitching.