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Dodgers prospect Jose Peraza: Quick dividend?

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Jose Peraza
Jose Peraza
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Received via Twitter private message yesterday:

"LADodgers promoted Jose Peraza.Quick dividend from Braves trade?"---WM.

This isn't WM's fault, and I know that Twitter is a marvelous tool, but as an aside I do find it frustrating at times. What did WM mean by "quick dividend?" He didn't answer my return query so I don't know! Emails can be brief too of course but email questions are usually more fleshed out and explained. Anyway, we can use this as an excuse to give an updated read on Peraza.

First, here is how we saw him pre-season in the 2015 Baseball Prospect Book.

Jose Peraza got a little stronger last year and the results were impressive. He’ll never be a big home run hitter, but additional doubles and triples always help make the pitchers respect you a little more. He makes contact easily and seems like a good bet to continue with good batting averages as he moves up, although .280 is more likely than .340. I’d love to see more walks to make the OBP less reliant on the batting average, but I always say that. Peraza is excellent on the bases and made a smooth transition to second base last year. He is very good at shortstop and could easily remain there, but the Braves already have a great fielder at short. An Andrelton Simmons/Jose Peraza combination would vacuum up every ground ball in sight. Grade B+

Peraza hit .294/.318/.379 in 391 at-bats for Triple-A Gwinnett before the trade, then .385/.415/.590 in 39 at-bats for Oklahoma City after the trade. This made his composite Triple-A line .302/.327/.398 with 27 steals, 17 walks, and 38 strikeouts in 430 at-bats, very credible numbers especially for a 21-year-old at that level.

He's seen time at second, short, and center field this year but played second in his first major league game with the Dodgers. He can be successfully deployed at any of those positions but Jimmy Rollins' contract is up at the end of the year. . .draw your own conclusions there.

Looking at the most recent scouting reports and the 2015 numbers, my take on Peraza hasn't really changed since March: he can be reasonably expected to hit in .270-.280 territory at maturity with good speed contributions but minimal power. Given his persistent lack of walks his OBP will be quite dependent on his batting average, which won't be a big problem in a hot year when he's hitting .300 but will be in a cold year when he's hitting .250. His OBPs will be marginal, though the speed and glove will keep him employed even when the bat is cold.

So, "quick dividend" depends on your definitions. Jose Peraza, immediate All-Star? I doubt it. Jose Peraza, better than Jimmy Rollins (or at least no worse) in 2016 and a hell of a lot cheaper? Yeah.