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Minor League Ball status update and a big THANK YOU

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We buried Marsh Jackson with his White Sox cap
We buried Marsh Jackson with his White Sox cap
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

As most of you know, my father-in-law Marsh Jackson recently passed on and we had the funeral this past weekend, which morphed into an impromptu Jackson family reunion. My attention was on my wife and extended family for three days, and in any event cellphone and internet access in that part of rural Missouri is spotty, at best. I would not have been able to keep up here even under the best circumstances.

With the trade deadline in play it was a bad time to be away, but fortunately the expanded staff at Minor League Ball kept everything going in my absence. I'd like to thank all the readers here for their support of Jeri and our family during the time of grief. I would especially like to thank the Minor League Ball staff who kept the flow of information and analysis at full speed: Walt Barnard, Quinn Berry, John Calvagno, Wayne Cavadi, Michael Cook, Charlie Drysdale, Bobby Glover, John Moore, Scott Mowers, and Jake Rashkow all did yeoman's work. Quinn in particular did a great job with the prospect trade write-ups.

Most especially I'd like to thank Nick Melotte, who kept everything organized and everyone on-task while I was away.

I have some catching up to do with major and minor league news but will resume full operational status tomorrow.