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2015 International Prospect Signings

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Follow along today as we discuss all the key 2015 July 2nd International Player signings. This will be continuously updated throughout the day and we will add scouting summaries.

**Atlanta Braves sign outfielder Cristian Pache (Dominican Republic, $1,400,000): Broad tools with power, speed, good performance record
**Atlanta Braves sign shortstop Derian Cruz (Dominican Republic, $2,000,000): Outstanding speed, fastest player available this year, otherwise somewhat raw.

**Boston Red Sox sign outfielder Simon Muzziotti (Venezuela, $300,000)
**Boston Red Sox sign outfielder Alberto Guaimaro (Venezuela $300,000)

**Chicago Cubs sign shortstop Aramis Ademan (Dominican Republic, $2,000,000): Contact hitter, undersized but may get stronger, glove is highly-respected.
**Chicago Cubs sign shortstop Yonathan Perlaza (Venezuela, $1,300,000): Switch-hitter with good bat speed but unclear position
**Chicago Cubs sign catcher Miguel Amaya (Panama, $1,250,000): Outstanding defender but bat is questionable.
**Chicago Cubs sign outfielder Yonathan Sierra Estiwal (Dominican Republic, $1,200,000): Lefty hitter with outstanding physical projectability and power potentiality but questions about his swing.
**Chicago Cubs sign third baseman Christopher Martinez (DR, $1,000,000)

**Chicago White Sox sign outfielder Franklin Reyes (Dominican Republic, $1,500,000): Right-handed slugger type with big power potential, questions about contact.
**Chicago White Sox sign shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr (DR, $700,000): Son of former major leaguer, has strong arm and good power potential.
**Chicago White Sox sign outfielder Harvin Mendosa (Venezuela)

**Cincinnati Reds sign outfielder Cristian Olivo (DR, $1,000,000)

**Cleveland Indians sign third baseman Henry Pujols (Dominican Republic, $600,000): Right-handed power hitter with raw glove.
**Cleveland Indians sign shortstop Jose Fermin (Dominican Republic): Solid across-the-board, should stick at shortstop and has a chance to be a very good hitter. Possible bargain.
**Cleveland Indians sign right-handed pitcher Luis Oviedo (Venezuela, $375,000): Highly-projectable with upper-80s fastball that could get faster, another potential bargain.

**Colorado Rockies sign outfielder Daniel Montano (Venezuela, $2,000,000): Runs well, throws well, hits well, doesn't have huge tools but doesn't have huge weaknesses either.
**Colorado Rockies sign shortstop Christopher Navarro (Dominican Republic, $450,000): Strong glove, hitting will depend on how much strength he gains as he matures, skills are reasonably polished for his age.

**Detroit Tigers sign catcher Gresuan Silverio (Venezuela, $300,000): Strong defensive catcher, will need to grow into his bat, Tigers have had good luck with budget players in recent years and he could be another.

**Houston Astros sign outfielder Gilberto Celestino (Dominican Republic, $2,500,000): Outstanding defensive outfielder with questions from some sources about how the bat will play at higher levels. Others disagree and are very optimistic that he can be a complete player.

**Kansas City Royals sign outfielder Seuly Matias (Dominican Republic $2,250,000): Excellent arm, has power potential but hitting approach is raw, high upside but high risk too.
**Kansas City Royals sign shortstop Jeison Guzman (DR, $1,500,000): Impressive glove and has a chance to hit for average.

**Los Angeles Dodgers sign right-handed pitcher Yadier Alvarez (Cuba, $16,000,000): Throws extremely hard but rather raw; this signing alone blows out the Dodgers draft pool.
**Los Angeles Dodgers sign outfielder Starling Heredia (Dominican Republic, $2,600,000): Power/arm strength player. Sense a theme?
**Los Angeles Dodgers sign shortstop Ronny Brito (Dominican Republic, $2,000,000): Power/arm strength player with right field tools.
**Los Angeles Dodgers sign shortstop Oneal Cruz (DR): Probably moves to outfield eventually, 6-4, 170 frame with left-side power potential.
**Los Angeles Dodgers sign outfielder Christopher Arias (DR, $500,000): Big-time power potential but overall skills are rather raw, hardly unusual of course.

**Minnesota Twins sign shortstop Wander Javier (Dominican Republic, $4,000,000): Excellent across-the-board tools, can stay at shortstop, but questions about the bat add risk, especially at this bonus level. High-reward potential however.

**New York Mets sign shortstop Gregory Guerrero (Dominican Republic, $1,500,000): Doesn't have Vlad Jr.'s power but is a solid bat in his own right and can field too.
**New York Mets sign shortstop Andres Gimenez (Venezuela, $1,200,000): Features speed, defense, sound contact hitting.

**Philadelphia Phillies sign first baseman/outfielder Jhailyn Ortiz (DR, $4,200,000): Enormous power potential,perhaps best raw power in the class, but questions about contact/refinement.
**Philadelphia Phillies sign catcher Rafael Marchan (Venezuela): Switch-hitter with impressive strike zone judgment

**St. Louis Cardinals sign right-handed pitcher Alvaro Seijas (Venezuela, $762,500): Top arm from Venezuela this year.

**San Francisco Giants sign shortstop Lucius Fox (Bahamas, $6,000,000): Excellent tools, grew up in US and would have been certain early first round pick last month until being declared eligible for international signing market instead.

**Seattle Mariners sign shortstop Carlos Vargas (Dominican Republic, $1,250,000): Power bat with good arm strength but questions about hitting mechanics against better pitching.

**Texas Rangers sign outfielder Leodys Tavares (DR, $2,100,000): Switch-hitter with power, speed, and more refined approach than most his age.
**Texas Rangers sign outfielder Miguel Aparicio (Venezuela, $500,000): Lefty hitter with some speed, some pop, good glove, potential bargain at this price.

**Toronto Blue Jays sign outfielder Vladimir Guerrero Jr (DR, $4,100,000): Excellent hitter, should provide both batting average and power though not quite as toolsy as his dad was.

**Washington Nationals sign outfielder Juan Soto (DR, $1,500,000) Left-handed hitter with very good hitting skills to match solid power potential, could be a bargain even at this price level.