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Deep Sleeper: Should Dusty Coleman be on our radar?

The Royals called up infielder Dusty Coleman on July 2nd. 28 year old rookies with marginal prospect history tend to fly under the radar. Should this one be on ours?

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Not often you see a guy who struck out 202 times in just 489 at bats at AA get the call to the bigs the next year. But, Dusty Coleman can play solid defense and has always had an intriguing power/speed combo despite his strikeout issues. And with this year's breakout performance at AA and AAA combined (.303/.383/.469 with 7 HR, 17 doubles, 22 BB, 59 K, in 264 PA, 7 SB) the Royals have taken notice of Coleman with his recent promotion to the big leagues.

That's the first time in his minor league career he has batted above .255 thanks to a dramatic reduction in strikeout rate this year (36.5% k rate in 2014; 28% or higher every year prior, just 21% in 2015). Opportunity for regular PT isn't there for Coleman just yet as he's gotten just 2 PA. However, whatever adjustment Coleman has made in 2015 has worked for him and it's possible he gets more of a look post-all star break with Omar Infante putting up replacement level production. I hope he gets an opportunity anyhow, so that this baserunning mishap doesn't become the highlight of his career.