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Pick an outfield prospect to replace Alex Gordon

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As you know, Kansas City Royals outfielder Alex Gordon suffered a serious groin injury this week and is expected to miss two months with healing and rehab. The injury rips a hole in the Royals lineup just in time for the dog days of summer and it is questionable how much Gordon will be able to help in the September stretch run, obviously a huge issue for the first place team.

As a result there's lots of speculation about KC trading for a veteran outfielder to cover left field during Gordon's absence. J.K. Ward over at Royals Review took a look at some of the plausible candidates yesterday.

Let's turn this situation into a locus for discussion. The set-up:

You wake up tomorrow morning and find yourself as the GM of the Royals. A jinn makes a deal with you. You can have one outfielder from any minor league system (except your own, no Royals prospects) to cover for Gordon's absence. This player is guaranteed to be healthy the rest of the year and into the post-season if you make it.  There are some caveats:

***It cannot be someone from the 2015 draft or the 2015 international signing period.

***It cannot be someone who has played in the majors, Double-A, or Triple-A. They can only be at High-A or lower.

***It cannot be someone from Japan and it can't be any Cuban player over the age of 24.

***You have to give them back to their original club at the end of the season.

***You have to play them regularly; you can't just stick them on the bench. This person has to replace Gordon as the everyday left fielder, although it is permissible to platoon them occasionally (not constantly). They must receive at least 60% of the potential plate appearances.

Who do you pick and why?

ADDENDUM: Most people are saying Bradley Zimmer of the Indians. Who is your second choice after Zimmer, assuming that he is too obvious?