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Minor League Ball -- Links for morning discussion

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Links selected for your pleasure, and hopefully some discussion.

Pete Rose, 1974
Pete Rose, 1974
Getty Images

Here's my first try at selecting some prospect related material for your pleasure and discussion. Please do freely comment on the format I'm trying out, and/or suggest additional items of note.

Outside the Lines: Pete Rose Bet on Baseball While Playing Part 1, Part 2, Web Extra and ESPN Reporting

T.J. Quinn, a fine reporter, discusses the evidence of Rose’s gambling.

Kiley McDaniel: The Muddy Waters of July 2nd

International signings are very, very complicated.

Billy Hamilton and the Limits of Talent

An unusual essay at Bill James Online.

Matt Duffy: The Best Third baseman You Barely Know

Beyond the Box Score appreciates Bochy’s new three-hole hitter.

Betts and Bogaerts, Lights at the End of the Tunnel

This Red Sox season’s a stinker, but they may have a rare duo in their ranks.

Yankee System Much Improved

Positive thoughts from New York Post!

Red Sox Prospects, First Half Report Cards

A very good overview from Alex Speier.

GMs on the Cuban Phenomenon

General Managers don’t know where it leads, either.