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2015 MLB Draft Board: College left-handed pitchers to watch

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Alex Young
Alex Young
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2015 MLB Draft Board: College left-handed pitchers

Tyler Jay, LHP, Illinois: Junior, extremely successful three-year reliever (1.48 ERA, 137/30 K/BB in 122 college innings over three years, just 69 hits, 24 saves) but has the size and stuff to start, low/mid-90s heat, quality slider, solid curve and change-up, no issues with command. Most teams see him as a starter now and could be the first pitcher drafted overall. Target Territory: Early first round.

Brady Aiken, LHP, IMG Academy
: Age-equivalent of a college freshman so we’ll list him here. Out with Tommy John as you know, status will depend on the mysterious medical reports, generally assumed he will go late in the first round. Target Territory: Late first round.

Nathan Kirby, LHP, Virginia:
Junior, limited to 59 innings by lat injury, posted 2.28 ERA, 75/30 K/BB, 50 hits. Rated a top five prospect pre-season but inconsistent spring, command issues, and the injury lowered his stock. Still has three solid pitches and could be a bargain for someone if he can rebound. TT: Comp round.

Jeff Degano, LHP, Indiana State:
Senior, Canadian lefty missed most of two years with Tommy John but was outstanding this year, 2.36 ERA, 126/28 K/BB in 99 innings, 78 hits, low-90s fastball and effective breaking ball combined with sharp command for success. Stock rising. TT: Comp round/second round.

Alex Young, LHP, Texas Christian:
Junior, took well to starting after two seasons in bullpen, 2.39 ERA with 81/19 K/BB in 83 innings, 66 hits. Hits 90, nasty breaking knucklecurve, and improved changeup combined with sharp command. Mid-rotation upside. TT: Comp round/second round.

Mac Marshall, LHP, Chipola JC:
Freshman, part of the fiasco 2014 Astros draft class, missed much of season with thumb injury, posted 2.37 ERA with 44/13 K/BB in 30 innings. Low-90s, promising curve and change-up, another mid-rotation possibility. TT: Second round.

Andrew Suarez, LHP, Miami-FL:
Senior, 2.96 ERA with 74/19 K/BB in 79 innings, 76 hits, throws a little harder than standard finesse guy in low-90s, good assortment of secondaries and strong pitchability. Main problem is long injury history and durability questions. TT: Second/third round.

Alex Robinson, LHP, Maryland
: Junior, relief mainstay, 1.63 ERA with 32/20 K/BB in 28 innings, 12 hits. K/IP and H/IP reflect overpowering fastball and breaking ball, but needs to improve wobbly command. TT: Third round.

Brett Lilek, LHP, Arizona State:
Junior, 3.20 ERA with 66/41 K/BB in 79 innings, 58 hits. Results spotty but the stuff isn’t, can hit 92-95 with a plus breaking ball, ideal 6-4, 195 pound athletic body, but erratic command holds him back. Could take a leap forward in pro ball. TT: Third/fourth round.

Ryan Kellogg, LHP, Arizona State:
Junior, big 6-5, 215 Canadian lefty, doesn’t throw as hard as Lilek but has better pitching instincts, 3.60 ERA with 92/23 K/BB in 115 innings, 121 hits. Typical finesse southpaw but one of the best in the college ranks this year. TT: Third/fourth round.

Kevin Duchene, LHP, Illinois:
Junior, another steady finesse type, 1.75 ERA with 88/18 K/BB in 103 innings, 89 hits, upper-80s velocity but superior breaking stuff and change-up, excellent command. TT: Fourth round.

Jack Wynkoop, LHP, South Carolina:
Junior, yet another finesse lefty, 3.27 ERA with 86/14 K/BB in 105 innings, 121 hits, control best asset, stuff good-enough (88-92 FB, decent curve and change) when his command is on, which It usually is. TT: Fourth/fifth round.

John Kilichowski, LHP, Vanderbilt:
Draft-eligible sophomore, fine season moving from bullpen to rotation, 2.97 ERA with 61/13 K/BB in 61 innings, 49 hits, good 6-5, 215 size, can hit 90, curve and change are solid. Always a market for Vandy pitchers. TT: Fourth/fifth round.

Zack Erwin, LHP, Clemson: Junior, 3.04 ERA with 92/16 K/BB in 107 innings, 108 hits, plus curveball and solid change-up make 88-90 fastball look faster. Great pitching instincts, polished. TT: Fourth/fifth round.

Justin Jacombe, LHP, UC Santa Barbara:
Junior, 2.70 ERA with 96/26 K/BB in 117 innings, 110 hits. Big (6-6, 225), average velocity but changes speeds well, throws strikes, eats innings. Notable increase in strikeout rate this year. TT: Fifth round.

Phil Pheffer, LHP, Vanderbilt:
Redshirt junior, posted 4.21 ERA with 101/37 K/BB in 77 innings, 62 hits, started six games but also picked up five saves. Exceptional strikeout rate on strength of 90 MPH fastball, solid secondaries and deceptive mechanics. TT: Fifth round.

Kyle Twomey, LHP, Southern Cal:
Junior, 2.88 ERA in 94 innings, 68/38 K/BB, 87 hits. Can hit 90 and has a good change-up but mediocre breaking ball is an issue and reflected in relatively low strikeout rate. Still some untapped potential here. TT: Fifth round.

There are always several dozen interesting finesse lefties hanging around the college ranks; this just scratches the surface of the top group. Feel free to share your favorite names.