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2015 MLB Draft: College outfielders to watch

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Rhett Wiseman
Rhett Wiseman
Victor Decolongon, Getty Images

2015 MLB Draft Board: College outfielders

Andrew Benintendi, OF, University of Arkansas: Draft-eligible sophomore, hits left, incredible breakout season, .385/.493/.725 with 19 homers, 23 steals, 46/31 BB/K in 218 at-bats, he can handle center field, too. Expected to be the first college outfielder off the board. Target Territory: Early first round.

Ian Happ, OF, University of Cincinnati: Junior, switch-hitter, batted .369/.492/.672 with 14 homers, 49/49 BB/K in 198 at-bats, also has a great track record with wood, expected to hit for average with at least moderate power, top college outfielder in the draft until passed by Benintendi in recent weeks. Target Territory: First round.

D.J. Stewart, OF, Florida State University: Junior, hits left, batted .318/.500/.593 with 15 homers, 12 steals, 69/47 BB/K in 214 at-bats. Good power from left side with outstanding strike zone judgment, doesn’t have Benintendi’s defensive ability but a great track record with bat. TT: First round.

Donnie Dewees, OF, University of North Florida: Junior, hits left, mashed at .422/.483/.749 with 18 homers, 23 steals, 30/16 BB/K in 251 at-bats. Intriguing power/speed combo with mature hitting approach, also strong record with wood bats. TT: First round.

Christin Stewart, OF, University of Tennessee: Junior, hits left, batted .311/.443/.633 with 15 homers, 28/38 BB/K in 177 at-bats. Excellent left-side power, approach can be aggressive but few college hitters are as dangerous, however defense is limited and lowers stock. TT: Late first round/comp round.

Joe McCarthy, OF, University of Virginia: Junior, hits left, season limited by back injury, hit .225/.375/.292 with 20/15 BB/K in 89 at-bats. First-round tools with speed, power, defense but health held him back all year, leading to uncertain draft status. TT: Comp/round/second round?

Rhett Wiseman, OF, Vanderbilt: Junior, hits left, good package of tools, skills, hit .310/.415/.566 with 14 homers, 11 steals, 39/63 BB/K in 258 at-bats. High whiff rate is main flaw here, but speed/power combo will intrigue many clubs. TT: Second round.

Harrison Bader, OF, University of Florida: Junior, hits right, another multi-talent, hit .289/.390/.544 with 14 homers, 30/49 BB/K in 228 at-bats, runs well and a good fielder but might be something of a tweener in pro ball, will still go early due to paucity of proven bats this year. TT: Second round.

Casey Hughston, OF, University of Alabama: Draft-eligible sophomore, hits left, speed/power combo right up there with Wiseman and Bader but not as polished, hit .332/.389/502 with six homers, 12 steals, 22/55 BB/K in 235 at-bats. High ceiling but some contact worries. TT: Third round.

Gio Brusa, OF, University of the Pacific:
Junior, switch-hitter, limited to 30 games by elbow injury, hit .291/.400/.527 with 20/31 BB/K in 110 at-bats. Premium tools and hit well in Cape Cod League, but draft status will depend on medical reports. TT: Third round, maybe second if healthy.

Skye Bolt, OF, University of North Carolina: Junior, switch-hitter, first round tools but 10th round production, hit .259/.383/.449 with 10 homers, seven steals, 40/40 BB/K in 205 at-bats, hit poorly in Cape Cod League in 2014. Draws walks and has pop, but performance has never matched perceived talent. TT: Fourth round. Could go sooner to someone who thinks they can fix the bat.

Willie Calhoun, OF-INF, Yavapai JC: Sophomore, hits left, insane production: hit .441 with 31 homers and 23 doubles this year, just 5-8 but has legitimate bat speed and pop, also patient at the plate. Position uncertain, could play outfield or second base or maybe third. TT: Fourth round.

Andrew Stevenson, OF, LSU: Junior, hits left, batted .362/.413/.466 with 26 steals, 16/24 BB/K in 232 at-bats. Lacks power but hit well with wood in Cape Cod League, very good glove, speed. TT: Fourth round.

Tate Matheny, OF, Missouri State University: Junior, hits right, son of Mike Matheny, hit .293/.421/.453 with 12 steals, 36/33 BB/K in 225 at-bats. Average tools but polished, perhaps a tweener. TT: Fifth round.

Ben Johnson, OF, University of Texas: Junior, hits right, batted .332/.393/.498 with 16 steals, 13/39 BB/K in 241 at-bats. Fast, has some pop, still somewhat raw with the bat, another possible tweener. TT: Fifth round.

Isiah Gilliam, OF, Chipola JC: Freshman, switch-hitter with power, hit .362/.421/.548 with 20 doubles, five homers. Throws well but might move to first base if he loses speed; one of the more potent power bats available however. TT: Fifth round.

Cam Gibson, OF, Michigan State University: Junior, hits left, Kirk Gibson’s son, batted .294/.378/.437 with five homers, 17 steals, 30/35 BB/K in 231 at-bats. Hasn’t developed big power but excellent speed, can get on base, fourth outfielder profile. TT: Fifth round.

Ty Moore, OF, UCLA: Junior, hits left, batted .342/.428/.479 with six homers, 30/19 BB/K in 234 at-bats. So-so physical tools but excellent feel for hitting, hit well in Cape Cod League. TT: Sixth round.

Cody Jones, OF, TCU: Senior, switch-hitter, hit .378/.478/.513 with 30 steals, 39/36 K/BB in 230 at-bats, breakout season and a good senior budget pick. TT: Seventh round.


Kyri Washington, OF, Longwood University: Junior, hits right, big power potential but contact?

Braden Bishop, OF, University of Washington: Junior, hits right, impressive defense, speed, +makeup

Jeff Hendrix, OF, Oregon State University: Junior, hits left, polished line drive bat.

Steve Duggar, OF, Clemson: Junior, hits left, another defense/speed/line drive type.

Anderson Miller, OF, Western Kentucky University: Junior, hits left, good power and will draw walks.

Kevin Kaczmarski, OF, University of Evansville: Senior, hits left, huge numbers (.465/.543/.746) with average tools but good polish.

Sam Koenig, OF, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Senior, hits right, huge stats (.361/.454/.567, 15 homers) that will interest someone but a long medical history, already 23.

Ronnie Jebavy, OF, Middle Tennessee State: Junior, hits right, big numbers (.359/.408/.531, 24 steals) to go with solid tools. Sleeper.

Ka’ai Tom, OF, University of Kentucky: Junior, from Hawaii, hits left, line drive bat with good speed, but power?

Lamonte Wade, OF, Maryland: Junior, polished line drive hitter from left side, good eye, tweener type.

Brendon Sanger, Of, Florida Atlantic: Junior, hits left, hit .370/.492/.583 with 56 walks, so-so tools.

Zach Hoffpauir, OF, Stanford:
Junior, hits right, big tools including power but fought injuries and curse of Stanford hitters.

There are a LOT of outfielders out there; we will be discussing more of them in the comments thread below. Feel free to participate and contribute your favorites.