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2015 MLB Draft Board: College shortstops to watch

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Richie Martin
Richie Martin
Alex Menendez, Getty Images

2015 MLB Draft Board: College shortstops

Dansby Swanson, SS, Vanderbilt: Junior, hits right, batted .348/.443/.656 this year with 14 homers, 15 steals, 42/43 BB/K in 247 at-bats. Most complete player in college baseball, impressive defensive shortstop along with a multi-threat bat. Target Territory: First round, possibly first-overall.

Alex Bregman, SS, LSU:
Junior, hits right, batted .313/.408/.539 with nine homers, 36 steals, 36/21 BB/K in 243 at-bats, only one who comes close to Swanson in terms of overall package. Mixed opinions about glove at shortstop but I am among the optimists. Target Territory: First round, probably in top five.

Kevin Newman, SS, Arizona:
Junior, hits right, batted .370/.426/.489 with 22 steals, 20/15 BB/K in 227 at-bats. Won two Cape Cod League batting titles so record with wood is good, doesn’t have as much power as Swanson or Bregman, can stay at shortstop defensively. TT: Late first round/Comp round.

Richie Martin, SS, Florida
: Junior, hits right, batted .291/.405/.414 with 20 steals, 33/33 BB/K in 237 at-bats. Doesn’t have big power but makes contact, uses speed well, polished defensively and can stay at shortstop. TT: Late first round/comp round.

Kyle Holder, SS, San Diego:
Junior, hits left, batted .348/.418/.482 this year, 19/19 BB/K in 224 at-bats. Despite those numbers his offensive projection at higher levels is considered just so-so due to lack of power, however he could exceed that expectation. Glove is excellent, only Swanson comes close defensively. TT: Comp round/second round.

Mickey White, SS, Alabama:
Junior, hits right, batted .339/.444/.537 this year, 31/47 BB/K in 218 at-bats. Physical tools average to slightly above but an instinctive player, particularly on defense, whose performance consistently exceeds tools. Some chance he winds up at second. TT: Second round.

Blake Trahan, SS, Louisiana-Lafayette:
Junior, hits right, batted .317/.428/.410 with 17 steals, 38/31 BB/K in 249 at-bats, like White the tools aren’t exceptional but he makes them work particularly on the bases and in the field. TT: Second round.

Kevin Kramer, SS-3B, UCLA:
Junior, hits left, batted .323/.423/.476 with 36/38 BB/K in 254 at-bats. Regular shortstop this year but range may fit best at third base, arm is strong. Not a big power hitter but dangerous, gets on base. TT: Second round.

Jose Vizcaino JR, SS-3B,
Santa Clara: Junior, hits right, not the same type of player as his father, more of a power hitter, batted .335/.406/.558 with nine homers, 23/39 BB/K in 194 at-bats. Stretched at shortstop and probably winds up a third or maybe right field. Stock has been rising. TT: Third round.

Logan Ratledge, SS-2B, North Carolina State:
Senior, hits right, batted .329/.431/.558 with 10 homers, 11 steals, 32/34 BB/K in 231 at-bats. Large step forward with the bat, showing more pop and decent discipline, glove tools mediocre but sound instincts, might wind up at second. TT: Fourth round as budget senior.

Kal Simmons, SS, Kennesaw State:
Junior, switch-hitter, batted .269/.380/.443 with 10 homers, 15 steals, 31/34 BB/K in 212 at-bats. Power/speed combo is intriguing but has never hit for average, error-prone at shortstop but has good physical tools there. TT: Fifth round.

Drew Jackson, SS, Stanford:
Junior, hits right, younger brother of Brett Jackson, hit .320/.396/.388 this year but limited to 40 games by injury, very strong arm and enough range to handle shortstop, questions about bat keep from higher slot. TT: Sixth round.

Daniel Pinero, SS-3B, Virginia: Junior, hits right, from Canada, batted .300/.404/.417 with 35/35 BB/K in 230 at-bats, big guy at 6-5, 200, hasn’t tapped power yet but that may come, fits better at third base physically. TT: Sixth round.

David Fletcher, SS, Loyola Marymount: Junior, hits right, batted .308/.385/.416 this year, 23/18 BB/K in 221 at-bats, 14 steals. Makes contact but lacks power to project strongly at higher levels, glove is excellent, up there with Holder and Swanson. TT: Sixth round.

Dillon Dobson, SS-3B, Appalachian State:
Junior, hits left, batted .317/.357/.577 with 12 homers, 11 walks, 32 strikeouts in 208 at-bats, good track record with wood and legit pop, strike zone judgment could use work and range might fit better at third. TT: Seventh round.


Blake Allemand, SS-2B, Texas A&M:
Senior, switch-hitter, undersized at 5-9 but can show occasional pop, reliable defense. Utility projection.

A.J. Simcox, SS, Tennessee:
Junior, hits right, defense-first player who can field and run but bat questionable.

Eli White, SS, Clemson:
Draft-eligible Sophomore, hits right, another glove-first player with ? bat, slot will depend on balance between signability and offensive projection.

Donnie Walton, SS-2B, Oklahoma State:
Junior, switch-hitter, another guy with a good glove, instincts, but marginal tools, son of OSU pitching coach.

Brody Weiss, SS, Riverside CC:
Sophomore, hits right, son of Walt Weiss, well-regarded defensively and hit better than expected this spring.

C.J. Hinojosa, SS, Texas: Junior, hits right, disappointing injury-plagued season with the bat (and glove) knocks him out of early consideration but could still get drafted on past reputation