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2015 MLB Draft Board: College second basemen to watch

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George Iskenderian
George Iskenderian
Joel Auerbach, Getty Images

2015 MLB Draft Board: College second basemen

Scott Kingery, 2B, Arizona: Junior, hits right, batted .392/.423/.561 with 9/18 BB/K in 237 at-bats, stole 11 bases, was more aggressive this year lowering walk rate but showing more pop, defense solid, can also play outfield. Target Territory: Third round, although rumored to go much sooner than that.

Tyler Krieger, 2B, Clemson: Junior, switch-hitter, batted .339/.448/.419 with 14 steals, 41/45 BB/K in 236 at-bats, line drive hitter with speed, discipline, defense has been hampered by shoulder issues. TT: Fourth round.

Brandon Lowe, 2B, Maryland: Junior, hits left, batted .331/.436/.542 with nine homers,11 steals, 38/33 BB/K in 251 at-bats, solid gap power with refined hitting approach and some speed, defense okay at second base. TT: Fourth round.

George Iskenderian, 2B, Miami-Fl: Junior, hits right, outstanding spring at .367/.462/.479, 23 steals, 39/38 BB/K in 240 at-bats, led Hurricanes in average and second in OBP. Needs some glove polish but bat looks excellent, solid middle round pick. Target Territory: Fifth round.

Blake Butler, 2B, College of Charleston: Junior, hits right, batted .325/.395/.564 with 13 homers, 25/34 BB/K in 243 at-bats, physical tools average but has a high level of refinement particularly on offense. TT: Fifth round.

Max Schrock, 2B, South Carolina: Junior, hits left, batted .328/.419/.500 with 32/18 BB/K in 192 at-bats, undersized at 5-8 but polished hitter with some pop, glove adequate at second base, gamer-type reputation. TT: Fifth round.

Dylan Moore, 2B-SS, Central Florida: Senior, hits right, batted .333/.417/.542 with 10 homers, 14 steals, 28/35 BB/K in 240 at-bats, reports on bat are positive, glove will fit best at second, good senior pick for the middle rounds, a sleeper. TT: Sixth round.

Mark Mathias, 2B, Cal Poly: hit .356/.424/.436 with nine steals, 23/19 BB/K despite fighting shoulder injury, could show more power, adequate glovework but the bat is the carrying asset here. TT: Sixth round.

Ryan Howell, 2B, Nevada: Junior, hits right, batted .312/.421/.642 with 17 homers, 36/51 BB/K in 215 at-bats. Environment helped him but at least some of the hitting success is real, glove is questionable however, might wind up in outfield. TT: Sixth round.

Dante Flores, 2B, Southern Cal: Senior, hits left, batted .304/.397/.461 with 30/34 BB/K in 217 at-bats. Best skills are defensive, lacks power but controls zone well. TT: Seventh round or later.

Reid Roper, 2B, Illinois: Senior, hits left, batted .298/.409/.496 with 10 homers, 41/38 BB/K in 228 at-bats, steady glove at second base, budget choice for middle or later rounds. TT: Eighth round or later.

Sutton Whiting, 2B, Louisville:
Senior, switch-hitter, batted .311/.419/.382, lacks power but makes contact and will draw walks, solid with the glove. TT: Eighth round or later.

Vinny Siena, 2B, Connecticut: Junior, hit .362/.424/.519 this spring but poor track record with wooden bats in summer ball is a hindrance for his stock; glovework is very solid which helps. TT: Eighth round or later.