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2015 MLB Draft Board: High school first basemen to watch

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2015 MLB Draft Board: High school first basemen

Luken Baker, 1B-RHP, Oak Ridge HS, Conroe, Texas: Generally regarded as the top high school first baseman in the draft, Baker has told teams he intends to honor his commitment to Texas Christian, clouding his position on boards. He offers enormous right-handed power as well as a strong throwing arm, but his spot will depend on how teams view his signability, a factor impossible to predict from this vantage point. He is a first-round talent if signable.

Josh Naylor, 1B, St. Joan of Arc Catholic CC, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada: Lefty hitter, raw power second only to Baker in the high school first base class, lots of exposure with scouts despite cold-weather Canadian background. Texas Tech commit but expected to be signable if drafted in talent-appropriate slot. Target Territory: Compensation round.

Kolton Kendrick, 1B, Oak Forest HS, Amite, Louisiana: Lefty hitter, Southeastern Louisiana commit but should be signable if drafted early enough. Another hitter with tremendous power but questions about contact and defense give him wildly varying positions on draft boards. Target Territory: Third round.

Joe Davis, 1B-C, Bowie HS, Texas: Right-handed hitter, University of Houston commit, famous for big time power displays on showcase circuit. His bat seems very popular but defense pushes his stock down; he’s probably not a catcher despite a strong arm due to mobility concerns. Could go anywhere between third and 10th round depending on signability and defensive assessment. Target Territory: Fourth round.

Brandt Stallings, 1B-OF, King’s Ridge Christian School, Alpharetta, Georgia: Right-handed hitter, Georgia Tech commit, excellent power/bat speed and runs very well for a first baseman, can also play corner outfield. Big question is high strikeout rate, adding risk. May not be signable lower than the third round. Target Territory: Fourth round.

Dillon Paulson, 1B, Santa Fe Christian HS, San Marcos, California: Lefty hitter, Southern Cal commit, draws praise for strike zone judgment and mature approach as a hitter, opinions on present power are mixed. Also pitches but a better prospect as a hitter. Target Territory: Fifth round.

Devin Davis, 1B, Valencia HS, Santa Clarita, California: Right-handed hitter, Loyola Marymount commit, plus power and also well-regarded for defensive ability and general mobility/athleticism. May or may not go early enough to pass up on college. Target Territory: Fifth round.

Tyrone Perry, 1B, Lakeland (Florida) HS: Left-handed hitter, Florida State commit, another prep with big-time power, generated by 6-1, 265 frame. Like the other guys in this general area there are questions that may hurt his stock enough to push him to college, in his case contact issues. He could be drafted as early as the third round, or could slip into the 20s. Target Territory: Fifth round.