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2015 MLB Draft Board: College catchers to watch

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Miami Hurricanes catcher Garrett Kennedy
Miami Hurricanes catcher Garrett Kennedy
Joel Auerbach, Getty Images

2015 MLB Draft Board: College Catchers

Here’s a look at the top college catchers available in the 2015 MLB Draft.

Taylor Ward, C, Fresno State University: Junior right-handed hitter, batted .304/.413/.486 this year, impressive with the glove and has some power although some worry about the bat at higher levels. Target Territory: second round.

Austin Rei, C, University of Washington:
Junior, right-handed hitter, batted .330/.445/.681 this year, missed time with a thumb injury but effective when healthy, glove solid. Either Rei or Ward will be the first college catcher drafted. TT: Second round.

Austin Allen, C, Florida Tech:
Junior, hits from the left side, top Division II prospect this year on .421/.473/.728 campaign, power is legitimate and there is a reasonable chance he can stay behind the plate. Good plate discipline: TT: Third round.

Kade Scivicque, C, Louisiana State:
Senior, hits right, batted .347/.387/.509 this year, solid power with adequate strike zone judgment and good record against tough competition. Mixed reviews on defense, but will stick behind the plate. TT: Fourth round, could go earlier as budget pick.

Paul DeJong, C-INF-OF, Illinois State:
Junior, right-handed hitter, unusual infielder/outfielder/catcher background. He can hit, .333/.427/.605 this year though with a high strikeout rate. Draft status will depend on how confident teams are in his defense. TT: Fourth round.

Jason Goldstein, C, Illinois: Junior, hits right, batted .291/.373/.487, showing more pop. Highly-regarded defensively and lot of exposure with scouts coming in to see Tyler Jay this year. TT: Fifth round.

Garrett Kennedy, C, Miami-FL:
Senior, hits from left side, very impressive with glove and surged with bat this year, .335/.445/.498, boosting stock considerably. TT: Fifth round as budget senior type, maybe sooner.

Daniel Salters, C, Dallas Baptist:
Junior, hits from left side, respected for power potential but numbers disappointing this year, .261/.367/.392. Good defensive tools but still raw behind plate. TT: Fifth round.

Anthony Hermelyn, C, Oklahoma:
Junior, hits right, batted .321/.360/.453, stock has improved as scouts have grown more confident in his defensive projection. TT: Sixth round.

John Clay Reeves, C, Rice: Senior, hits from right side, batted .313/.412/.463, long track record of productivity. Glove tools mediocre but makes the most of them, budget senior type. TT: Sixth round.

Austin Bossart, C, Penn State:
Senior, another strong defender who improved with the bat this season, .358/.420/.540. Still some doubts about offense but should go in the single digits. TT: Seventh round.

Ian Rice, C, Houston:
Junior, hits right, batted .255/.427/.364. Well-regarded with the glove, he draws lots of walks and has raw power but hasn’t tapped his strength often to this point. TT: Seventh round.

Levi Borders, C, South Florida: Son of Pat Borders, good pop but has trouble with contact.
Francis Christy, C, Palomar Junior College: Good power from left side, somewhat raw but has impressive tools.
Korey Dunbar, C, North Carolina: Solid defender, erratic bat, lots of exposure/experience.
P.J. Higgins, C-INF, Old Dominion:
Contact hitter with good track record, versatile, lacks power.
Luke Lowery, C-1B, East Carolina: Big power bat, but probably a first baseman in long run.
Pat Mazeika, C-1B, Stetson: Excellent strike zone judgment with left-side power, but glove questioned.
Max McDowell, C, Connecticut:
Another solid defender with pop, hasn’t hit for average.
Riley Moore, C, Arizona:
Stock has slipped since high school despite solid college career.
Mitchell Nau, C, Texas A&M: Senior hit poorly until this year but surged with .382/.472/.519 spring.
Cole Peragine, C, Stony Brook: Senior with strong glove, draws lots of walks, lacks power.
Garrett Stubbs, C, Southern Cal: Undersized 5-10 senior lacks power but hits for average, good defensive rep.