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Introducing Bobby Glover to Minor League Ball

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings to the Minor League Ball community.  My name is Bobby Glover and I am one of the new contributors to the site.

I reside in Hobart, Indiana which is about 40 minutes outside of Chicago.  I am a life long White Sox fan, a passion which has provided me more enjoyment at certain points in the past than it does presently.  My undergraduate degree is from Ball State and my Master's is from Purdue.  I am a Midwesterner to the core.  As such, it is fitting that I will be joining Minor League Ball with a focus on the Midwest League.

I hope to provide the community with accurate, relevant insight into the players and events of the Midwest League.  South Bend is the nearest affiliate to my home, but I intend to spend some time traveling to other parks throughout the league as well.  I am hoping to focus on providing information on top prospects passing through the Midwest League as they begin their ascent toward The Show.  Additionally, I hope to help provide information on lesser known players in an effort to help identify pop-up prospects and other names we should know.

I am open to suggestions or even requests regarding players the community would like to learn more about.  You can contact me at  Follow me on Twitter @Bob_Glover6 for additional notes or observations.  I am honored to be here and excited to begin.