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Houston Astros prospect Brock Dykxhoorn scouting report

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New contributor John Moore joins us with a scouting report on Houston Astros prospect Brock Dykxhoorn.

Bill Baptist/Getty Images

Brock Dykxhoorn was the Houston Astros sixth round draft pick out of Central Arizona Junior College in 2014.  In 54.2 innings for Class-A Quad Cities this year he has posted a 4.12 ERA, 3.41 FIP, 9.22 k/9, and a 2.96 BB/9.

Build: (Height 6’8", Weight 250): Height and weight appear accurate; big guy; very little physical projection left; has frame necessary to be a starting pitcher.

Delivery/Mechanics: Right handed; throws from a lower 3/4 arm-slot; repeats delivery well; high leg kick; long arm action; arm gets fully extended; good arm speed; decent deception; high effort delivery.

Fastball: He worked 90-92 t93 with his fastball; pitch has a little run on it; size helps him deliver pitch with good downward plane; below average command; pitch flattens when left up in zone; chance to become a slightly better than MLB average offering if command is improved.

Grade: Current 50/ Future 55

Slider: His slider was consistently around 81-82; pitch lacks much movement; looks fairly straight; replicates arm speed well; can throw it for strikes but often misses his spot inside the strike zone; chance to become a below average offering if command is improved.

Grade: Current 35/Future 40

Change-up: He worked 83-84 with his change-up; looks fairly flat; good deception; replicates arm speed well; poor command; below average potential.

Grade: Current 35/ Future 40

Control/Command: As previously mentioned the control looked good for most of this start; hitting his spots in the strike zone seemed to be much more of an issue.

Summary: Not much to like; good build; fastball is best pitch and is about MLB average; overall has pretty good control; slider and change-up both lack movement and command; off speed pitches will be very ineffective against more advanced hitters; slider and change both showed below average potential.

Projection: Ceiling is a middle reliever if command takes a big step forward; realistically right now it looks like he’s an org. guy.