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2015 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: National League East summary

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Brandon Lowe
Brandon Lowe
Rafael Suanes

Several people have asked for a team-by-team summary of yesterday's 2015 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft. We continue with the National League East.

For the complete list, click here.

1-14) Kolby Allard, LHP, California HS
CRA-28) Austin Smith, RHP, Florida HS
CBA-41) Jahmai Jones, OF, Georgia HS
2-54) Tyler Nevin, 3B, California HS
CBB-75) Mitchell Traver, RHP, TCU
3-89) Kolton Kendrick, 1B, Louisiana HS
4-120) Jason Heinrich, OF, Florida HS
COMMENT: I think the real Braves would be thrilled with this, provided they can sign everyone. College arm Traver has a good track record of success when he’s not injured. Allard could be a steal at 14 assuming no complications with his back. Smith is a big physical pitcher who could be a number three starter. Jones and Nevin are two of my favorite high school bats in this draft, Nevin for his power, Jones for his across-the-board tools. Both Kendrick and Heinrich offer big power bats but questions about their rawness and ability to handle advanced pitching. This is a high-risk and likely expensive group that could be outstanding, or could bust, or anything in between.

1-12) Daz Cameron, OF, Georgia HS
2-50) Scott Kingery, 2B, Arizona
3-85) Wesley Rodriguez, RHP, New York HS
4-116) John Cresto, SS, California HS
COMMENT: The Marlins would have to be happy having Cameron here considering he was a top five candidate three months ago. It isn’t like he’s had a bad spring and clearly looks like a victim of prospect fatigue to me. Kingery is an advanced college bat, then they switch back to the prep ranks with hard-throwing cold-weather arm Rodriguez and Cresto, who features multiple offensive and defensive tools but could be expensive to buy away from Santa Clara. He does seem like a Marlins type player though.

2-53) Eric Jenkins, OF, North Carolina HS
3-88) David Hill, RHP, University of San Diego
3-119) Ryan Mountcastle, SS, Florida HS
COMMENT: Interesting strategy with no first-round pick, pairing two high school hitters with an advanced college pitcher. Hill throws strikes and could be in the majors quickly. Jenkins has plenty of tools, particularly speed, but is rather raw as a hitter. Mountcastle is also fast and has more polish, though it is unclear if he can remain at shortstop and might wind up in the outfield.

1-10) Tyler Stephenson, C, Georgia HS
2-48) Chris Shaw, 1B, Boston College
3-83) Josh Naylor, 1B, Canada HS
4-114) Parker McFadden, RHP, Washington HS
COMMENT: Stephenson shot up draft boards this spring to become the top catcher in the class according to most experts, he’ll stay behind the plate and has power. Power is the theme here actually: Shaw may have the most among all available college hitters, Naylor is among the most powerful high school bats. McFadden is a shorter right-hander (6-0) but throws hard. Having both Shaw and Naylor may seem like a little overkill but the ceilings are impressive and power is short in today’s game.

2-58) Blake Trahan, SS, Louisiana-Lafayette
2-69) Kep Brown, OF, South Carolina HS
3-103) Brandon Lowe, 2B, University of Maryland
4-134) Jake Lemione, RHP, University of Houston
COMMENT: Another team without a first round pick. The Nationals Mock front office addressed this by going up the middle with Trahan and Lowe, two promising college bats. This works well if Trahan can stay at shortstop, although there are mixed opinions on that topic. Lemoine was first round material until going down with a shoulder impingement. Brown has excellent offensive potential but has been down with a torn Achilles. Drafting them seems like a very Nationals thing to do.