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I'm Kidnapping John Sickels!

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John has been kidnapped for the day, so here is something to do while he is absent...

Your Blogger has been KIDNAPPED!

Happy Sunday, Bloggers! You should know that I've kidnapped John for the day, and am holding him at an undisclosed location.

We are celebrating his birthday today, as he was too sick and too far behind on The Book to celebrate on the actual day, which was January 5. This is the first time we've both able to be home and away from work and free from illness at the same time since his recovery.  So far, he has gotten to sleep as late as possible, which turned out to be until 11:45 am. There will be a meal at the restaurant of his choice, some family stuff, and NO WORK. I will be checking  on how it's going, so no chicanery or general naughtiness...

I haven't had blog duty for a while, so I'm a bit rusty on thinking up topics for you. Today, though, relaxation is on my mind... That's something we don't do here very well. We don't really do vacations, and don't make the time or spend the energy or money to take a trip somewhere unless there is an actual need precipitating it.

I think the last actual vacation we took was a few days in the Ozarks 6 or 7 years ago. I know Jackson was still really little, but the details are a bit fuzzy. We will do an overnight trip now and again, but those almost always are baseball or crisis related.  As neither of our boys are the traveling type, and we don't have a support network to take Jackson off our hands,  we like to find local day trip type of things to do, like a zoo, or (John and Nicholas) might visit a civil war battlefield in Missouri. Jackson is content as long as there is playground equipment and a place to run around.

I used to imagine that we'd be the type of people who would make the most of local things, like art fairs, the local community theater, farmer's market and the like, but we don't do nearly as much of that as either of us would like.

What non-vacation activities do you do when you need a break but can't spare the time and or money to do it up right? What's your favorite day trip?

The first person to use the phrase 'Staycation' will be mentally slapped up-side the head.