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Minor League Ball housekeeping update

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A few housekeeping updates for the Minor League Ball Community:

***We are implementing a large writing staff expansion here at Minor League Ball. I put out a call for new volunteer writers a couple of weeks ago and we have many very interesting applications. As soon as the draft is over, I am going to examine each application in detail and we will be making decisions about the expanded staff very quickly. By very quickly I mean within the next week.

If you have put in an application, you can expect to hear back from me within the next week. If you haven't yet but are interested in being a Minor League Ball volunteer observer/writer, you can find the details here: We Want You for Minor League Ball.

***In my office right now are eight copies of the 2015 Baseball Prospect Book that were returned to me by the United States Postal Service. These eight books are in damaged envelopes, with missing labels or with labels that are so smudged that I can't read the address.


In addition, I have several other books that have been returned to me with "incorrect address" or "no such address" or "no forwarding address." I have contacted the people who I have email addresses for to arrange a new book being sent out, but I don't have a valid email for everyone, or at least one that they have answered.

IF YOU ORDERED THE BOOK AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT, PLEASE TELL ME!!! EVERYONE should have it by now, everyone should have had the book by the end of April. If you haven't, it could be one of the ones that is sitting in my office with a missing label or a bad address.

If you think that could be you, please email me at or