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New GM welcome: I had an unexpected commitment pop-up, and I'll most likely be late for the draft. If anyone wants to take over drafting, feel free! If no one does, this MOD can be used to as insight into who we sought, and hopefully I'll be in for at least the second and third pick. Sorry!

Leaving my targets for the Blue Jays first, second and third round picks here, based on who I'd figure has a chance to still be around. Of course, if, say, a first round target is still available in the second, they'd become a target, unless their signability is a big risk at that spot. That said, if all of the first round targets are gone by the time pick #29 comes up, I'm fine jumping to the second round list, and same in the second round. There isn't tons of seperation in this class, in my opinion.

An original list like this was posted in MOD #3, but it has been revised here based on comments, the poll, and a lot of further research. I'll be able to check in for the next couple of hours, so feel free to comment until then and through the draft!

First Round Targets:

1) Jon Harris, RHP, Missouri State (unlikey he'll be there, but would be great if he was)

2) Ashe Russell, RHP, Indiana HS (emerged as my favourite prep arm, and his profile reminds me of Phil Bickford's, a former Jays target)

3) Richie Martin, SS, Univeristy of Florida (sneaky value, with a utility floor, but first division SS ceiling)

4) James Kaprielian, RHP, UCLA (not exciting, but if available, Jays could use some high-probability pitching depth)

5) Scott Kingery, 2B, University of Arizona (if he stays at 2B, I think he's a steal, much less value if he moves to OF)

6) Chris Betts, C, California HS

7) Beau Burrows, RHP, Texas HS

8) Dakota Chalmers, RHP, Georgia HS

9) Jacob Nix, RHP, California (IMG Academy)

10) Juan Hillman, LHP, Florida HS

Second Round Targets:

1) Donnie Dewees, CF, University of North Florida

2) Mike Soroka, RHP, Alberta HS

3) Jacob Woodford, RHP, Florida HS

4) Eric Jenkins, CF, North Carolina HS

5) Demi Orimoloye, RF, Ontario HS

Third Round Targets:

1) Jacob Taylor, RHP, Mississippi HS

2) Cole Sands, RHP, Florida HS

3) Josh Naylor, 1B, Ontario HS

4) Cole McKay, RHP, Texas HS

5) Bryan Hoeing, RHP, Indiana HS

6) Luke Wakamatsu, SS, Texas HS

7) Doak Dozier, CF, Texas HS

8) Jeff Degano, LHP, Indiana State

9) Bryan Hudson, LHP, Illinois HS

10) Ryan Kellogg, LHP, Arizona State

Any big disagreements? Anyone I'm ranking too high or too low? Anyone I've missed entirely you want to vouch for?

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