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Opportunity Knocks: new fantasy column at Minor League Ball

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One man's idea for a weekly fantasy baseball related column here on Minor League Ball

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the debut of my Opportunity Knocks column. I want to hopefully make this a regular feature on Minor League Ball so please leave some feedback on what you think of the column so I have an idea of whether this idea will be worth my time and helpful to people who play Fantasy Baseball.

Here's how I envision this working. I start off by providing a brief recap of any notable trades, injuries, demotions, promotions, etc from the following week. Then, based off that information, I will provide a rundown of several players that could or are expected to benefit. That player list will include hitters and pitchers that were called up with expectations of seeing decent playing time or moving into a rotation spot such as Eduardo Rodriguez (pictured above), who made his MLB debut yesterday for the Red Sox.

It will also include players and pitchers already on the team that have seen a recent bump in playing time or promotion to the rotation for x reason. If someone has been performing well and perhaps seen a recent move up in the batting order, I'll try to highlight those guys as well.

Once, I have my list established, my goal is then to offer a fantasy outlook for the upcoming week while also providing a scouting background with the help of John's prospect analysis to help readers get a better understanding of a players background and expectations. In addition, I want to also provide information on the players FanDuel pricing for those who play daily fantasy.

Ultimately, the point of this column I guess would be to help get people ahead of the curve on the various "randoms" that pop up into teams lineups and rotations each week in hopes of finding those sleeper contributors that could impact a fantasy lineup.

Let me know if this is something you might be interested in reading. I will make a beta post of this idea on Monday and go from there.