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2015 MLB Draft: Comparing age of top talent

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Every year I analyze the age of draft talent. This year I have added college players based on their class as well.

UCLA's Cody Poteet
UCLA's Cody Poteet
Victor Decolongon, Getty Images
Player Ages
Here is how players ages stack up against their peers in this draft class. Another use for this is if a player is over 19.00, there is a good chance that player will be a draft eligible sophomore.
Name Pos. LG 15 Level Commitment/College Draft Age AGE
Miles Gordon OF HS HS San Francisco 17.65 Very Young
Luke Shilling RHP HS HS Illinois 17.69 Very Young
Garrett Wolforth C HS HS Dallas Baptist 17.79 Very Young
Darren Shred C HS HS Chipola College 17.79 Very Young
Chad Smith OF HS HS Georgia 17.82 Very Young
Jonas Wyatt RHP HS HS San Diego State 17.86 Very Young
Cobie Vance 2B HS HS Alabama 17.92 Very Young
Jio Orozco RHP HS HS Arizona 17.95 Very Young
Kolby Allard LHP HS HS UCLA 17.95 Very Young
Jason Bilous RHP HS HS Coastal Carolina 17.96 Very Young
Austin Rubick RHP HS HS Arizona 17.96 Very Young
Jahmai Jones OF HS HS North Carolina 17.98 Very Young
Mike Soroka RHP HS HS California 17.98 Very Young
Triston McKenzie RHP HS HS Vanderbilt 17.98 Very Young
Bryce Denton 3B HS HS Vanderbilt 17.99 Very Young
Brendon Davis SS HS HS Cal State Fullerton 18.00 Very Young
Cole Sands RHP HS HS Florida State 18.03 Very Young
Kep Brown OF HS HS Miami 18.04 Very Young
Michael Curry C HS HS Georgia 18.06 Very Young
Hunter Parsons RHP HS HS Maryland 18.09 Very Young
Josh Naylor 1B HS HS Texas Tech 18.10 Very Young
Austin Riley 3B HS HS Mississippi State 18.10 Very Young
Elih Marrero C HS HS Mississippi State 18.10 Very Young
Yasin Chentouf OF HS HS Pittsburgh 18.11 Very Young
Dillon Paulson 1B HS HS Southern California 18.13 Very Young
Dayton Dugas OF HS HS Wichita State 18.13 Very Young
Bryant Harris OF HS HS Tennessee 18.15 Very Young
Cornelius Randolph 2B HS HS Clemson 18.15 Very Young
Parker McFadden RHP HS HS Washington State 18.15 Very Young
Jarrett Montgomery RHP HS HS Florida State 18.15 Very Young
Tyler Nevin 3B HS HS UCLA 18.16 Very Young
Ryan January C HS HS Louisiana State 18.17 Young
Chandler Day RHP HS HS Vanderbilt 18.18 Young
Cooper Davis OF HS HS Grand Canyon 18.18 Young
Logan Allen LHP HS HS Alabama State 18.18 Young
Jordan Holloman Scott 2B HS HS West Virginia 18.18 Young
Dylan Thompson RHP HS HS Coastal Carolina 18.18 Young
Juan Hillman LHP HS HS UCF 18.20 Young
Tristin English RHP HS HS Georgia Tech 18.20 Young
Parker Ford RHP HS HS Mississippi State 18.21 Young
Nico Hoerner 2B HS HS Stanford 18.21 Young
Jonathan Olsen RHP HS HS UCLA 18.21 Young
Corey Zangari RHP HS HS Oklahoma State 18.22 Young
Reggie Pruitt OF HS HS Vanderbilt 18.22 Young
Trey Cabbage 3B HS HS Tennessee 18.23 Young
Marrick Crouse RHP HS HS San Francisco 18.24 Young
Xavier LeGrant SS HS HS North Carolina State 18.27 Average
Peter Lambert RHP HS HS UCLA 18.27 Average
Stephen Kolek RHP HS HS Texas A&M 18.27 Average
Donny Everett RHP HS HS Vanderbilt 18.28 Average
Antonio Santillian RHP HS HS Texas Tech 18.28 Average
Tekwaan Whyte SS HS HS Chipola College 18.28 Average
Jordan Gubelman RHP HS HS North Carolina 18.31 Average
Matthew McGarry RHP HS HS Vanderbilt 18.32 Average
Christopher Cullen C HS HS South Carolina 18.32 Average
Parker Kelly C HS HS Oregon 18.32 Average
Connor Eason LHP HS HS Virginia 18.32 Average
Dominic DiCaprio C HS HS Rice 18.32 Average
Hunter Bowling LHP HS HS Florida 18.34 Average
Solomon Bates RHP HS HS Southern California 18.36 Average
Garrett Whitley OF HS HS Wake Forest 18.37 Average
Michael Benson C HS HS UCLA 18.37 Average
Trent Johnson RHP HS HS Arizona 18.38 Average
Chris Betts C HS HS Tennessee 18.38 Average
Luken Baker RHP HS HS TCU 18.38 Average
Domenic DeRenzo C HS HS Oklahoma 18.39 Average
Nick Madrigal SS HS HS Oregon State 18.39 Average
Joshua Stowers OF HS HS Louisville 18.42 Average
Alonzo Jones 2B HS HS Vanderbilt 18.42 Average
Nick Lee RHP HS HS Louisiana-Lafayette 18.43 Average
Jackson Lueck C HS HS Florida State 18.43 Average
Ryan Mountcastle SS HS HS UCF 18.44 Average
Tyler Williams OF HS HS Arizona State 18.44 Average
John Aiello SS HS HS Wake Forest 18.45 Average
Ryan McKenna OF HS HS Liberty 18.45 Average
Devin Davis 1B HS HS Loyola Marymount 18.45 Average
Evan Sperling RHP HS HS Virginia 18.45 Average
Kyle Dean OF HS HS Brigham Young 18.45 Average
Sam Finnerty OF HS HS Alabama 18.46 Average
Chad Luensmann RHP HS HS Nebraska 18.47 Average
Eric Jenkins OF HS HS UNC-Wilmington 18.49 Average
Ryan Karstetter 3B HS HS Virginia 18.49 Average
Kale Breaux LHP HS HS Mississippi State 18.49 Average
Ke'Bryan Hayes 3B HS HS Tennessee 18.49 Average
Chris Botsoe OF HS HS Louisville 18.50 Average
Ako Thomas SS HS HS Michigan 18.50 Average
Nolan Watson RHP HS HS Vanderbilt 18.50 Average
O'Neal Lochridge SS HS HS Louisiana State 18.50 Average
Garrett Davila LHP HS HS Tennessee 18.52 Average
Kyle Tucker OF HS HS Florida 18.52 Average
Daz Cameron OF HS HS Florida State 18.53 Average
Desmond Lindsay 1B HS HS North Carolina 18.53 Average
Ty Harpenau RHP HS HS Texas Tech 18.53 Average
Cole McKay RHP HS HS Louisiana State 18.54 Average
Nic Enright RHP HS HS Virginia Tech 18.55 Average
Jonathan Hughes RHP HS HS Georgia Tech 18.55 Average
Isaiah White OF HS HS East Carolina 18.55 Average
Demi Orimoloye OF HS HS Oregon 18.55 Average
Kyle Datres SS HS HS North Carolina 18.56 Average
Dexter "DJ" Neal OF HS HS South Carolina 18.57 Average
Hogan Harris LHP HS HS Louisiana-Lafayette 18.58 Average
Ethan Skender SS HS HS Kansas State 18.59 Average
Austin Russ 1B HS HS Southern California 18.60 Average
Jalen Miller SS HS HS Clemson 18.60 Average
Jonathan India 2B HS HS Florida 18.61 Average
John Cresto SS HS HS Santa Clara 18.61 Average
Joey Bart C HS HS Georgia Tech 18.61 Average
David Craan OF HS HS Illinois 18.63 Average
Greyson Jenista 1B HS HS Wichita State 18.64 Average
Eric Feliz OF HS HS Notre Dame 18.64 Average
Matthew Kroon 3B HS HS Oregon 18.64 Average
Wesley Rodriguez RHP HS HS Pittsburgh 18.64 Average
Devon Roedahl RHP HS HS TCU 18.66 Average
Lucas Herbert C HS HS UCLA 18.66 Average
Nick Neidert RHP HS HS South Carolina 18.68 Average
Connor Kaiser SS HS HS Vanderbilt 18.68 Average
Jared Padgett LHP HS HS Mississippi State 18.69 Average
Owen Miller SS HS HS Illinois State 18.70 Average
Kyle Molnar RHP HS HS UCLA 18.70 Average
Blake Reese SS HS HS Florida 18.70 Average
Nick Shumpert SS HS HS Kentucky 18.71 Average
Nick Fortes C HS HS Mississippi 18.71 Average
Joe DeMers RHP HS HS Washington 18.71 Average
Luke Farley OF HS HS Iowa 18.71 Average
Marquise Doherty OF HS HS Missouri 18.72 Average
Cameron Montgomery OF HS HS South Florida 18.72 Average
Michael Hickman C HS HS Oklahoma 18.72 Average
Zack Kone SS HS HS Duke 18.72 Average
Cody Morris RHP HS HS South Carolina 18.73 Average
Trenton Clark OF HS HS Texas Tech 18.73 Average
Kevin Collard OF HS HS San Diego 18.73 Average
Cadyn Grenier SS HS HS Oregon State 18.74 Average
Greg Pickett OF HS HS Mississippi State 18.74 Average
Dallas Woolfolk RHP HS HS Mississippi 18.74 Average
Garrett Hutson RHP HS HS Oklahoma State 18.75 Old
Jacob Woodford RHP HS HS Florida 18.75 Old
Ramon Alejo SS HS HS Mississippi 18.75 Old
Andrew Noviello 2B HS HS Maine 18.76 Old
Dayton Provost OF HS HS UCLA 18.76 Old
Evans Bozeman 1B HS HS East Carolina 18.76 Old
Shane Tucker RHP HS HS Georgia 18.76 Old
Justin Hooper LHP HS HS UCLA 18.76 Old
Bryan Hoeing RHP HS HS Louisville 18.77 Old
Patrick Sandoval LHP HS HS Vanderbilt 18.77 Old
Sam Bordner RHP HS HS Louisville 18.78 Old
Brock Love RHP HS HS Alabama 18.78 Old
Sage Diehm LHP HS HS North Carolina 18.79 Old
Lucas Wakamatsu SS HS HS Rice 18.79 Old
Dakota Chalmers RHP HS HS Georgia 18.80 Old
Darryl Wilson OF HS HS Vanderbilt 18.80 Old
Jacob Schlesener LHP HS HS Logan Rogersville 18.80 Old
George Hewitt 3B HS HS Michigan 18.80 Old
Robert Montes SS HS HS South Florida 18.80 Old
Ty Buck 3B HS HS Iowa Western CC 18.81 Old
Curtis Terry 1B HS HS Georgia State 18.81 Old
Christifer Andritsos RHP HS HS Oklahoma 18.81 Old
Jackson Kowar RHP HS HS Clemson 18.81 Old
Braden Comeaux SS HS HS TCU 18.81 Old
Nick Dalesandro C HS HS Purdue 18.81 Old
Kyle Ostrowski LHP HS HS Purdue 18.82 Old
Alexis Diaz RHP HS HS none 18.83 Old
Brendan Illies RHP HS HS North Carolina 18.83 Old
Brennan Breaux LHP HS HS Louisiana State 18.84 Old
Julian Infante 3B HS HS Vanderbilt 18.84 Old
Christopher Chatfield OF HS HS South Florida 18.84 Old
Grant Sloan RHP HS HS Virginia 18.84 Old
Brenden Spillane 3B HS HS Illinois 18.85 Old
Beau Burrows RHP HS HS Texas A&M 18.85 Old
Jonathan Engelmann OF HS HS Michigan 18.85 Old
Mike Nikorak RHP HS HS Alabama 18.86 Old
Andy Pagnozzi RHP HS HS Mississippi 18.86 Old
Matt Vierling OF HS HS Notre Dame 18.86 Old
Max Wotell LHP HS HS Arizona 18.87 Old
Donovan Petrey OF HS HS Florida State 18.87 Old
Jeremy Eierman SS HS HS Missouri State 18.88 Old
Nick Perez RHP HS HS Texas State 18.88 Old
Daniel Reyes OF HS HS Florida 18.88 Old
Wyatt Cross C HS HS North Carolina 18.88 Old
Jordan Hicks RHP HS HS Tulane 18.89 Old
Alex Webb C HS HS Alabama 18.89 Old
Brandt Stallings 1B HS HS Georgia Tech 18.89 Old
Danny Blair OF HS HS South Carolina 18.89 Old
Dylan Cyphert LHP HS HS Pittsburgh 18.89 Old
Saturnino Santa Cruz RHP HS HS Arizona 18.90 Old
Ryan Feltner RHP HS HS Ohio State 18.90 Old
Jesse Wilkening C HS HS Nebraska 18.91 Old
Ashe Russell RHP HS HS Texas A&M 18.91 Old
Ethan Paul SS HS HS Vanderbilt 18.92 Old
Nathan Trevillian RHP HS HS Liberty 18.92 Old
Noah Burkholder RHP HS HS Louisville 18.93 Old
Nolan Kingham RHP HS HS Texas 18.94 Very Old
Tyler Stephenson C HS HS Georgia Tech 18.95 Very Old
Ryan Mantle 3B HS HS Missouri State 18.95 Very Old
Michael Zimmerman LHP HS HS Florida 18.95 Very Old
Brendon Little LHP HS HS North Carolina 18.96 Very Old
Kolton Kendrick 1B HS HS Southeastern Louisiana 18.96 Very Old
Brendan Rodgers SS HS HS Florida State 18.96 Very Old
Javier Medina RHP HS HS Arizona 18.96 Very Old
Brady Singer RHP HS HS Florida 18.98 Very Old
Travis Blankenhorn SS HS HS Kentucky 18.98 Very Old
Ryan Johnson OF HS HS TCU 18.98 Very Old
Nick Plummer OF HS HS Kentucky 18.99 Very Old
Dylon Poncho SS HS HS Louisiana-Lafayette 18.99 Very Old
Daniel Little 2B HS HS Louisville 19.01 Very Old
Zeke Pinkham C HS HS Louisville 19.04 Very Old
Drew Finley RHP HS HS Southern California 19.05 Very Old
Austin Smith RHP HS HS Florida Atlantic 19.05 Very Old
Riley Thompson RHP HS HS Louisville 19.05 Very Old
Kyler Murray SS HS HS Texas A&M 19.05 Very Old
Matthew Mika SS HS HS UCF 19.07 Very Old
Maddux Conger RHP HS HS Vanderbilt 19.08 Very Old
Deacon Liput SS HS HS Florida 19.08 Very Old
Doak Dozier OF HS HS Virginia 19.09 Very Old
Tristan Beck RHP HS HS Stanford 19.09 Very Old
Nick Kennedy LHP HS HS Texas 19.10 Very Old
Tyler Holton LHP HS HS Florida State 19.12 Very Old
Thomas Szapucki LHP HS HS Florida 19.12 Very Old
Jason Heinrich OF HS HS UCF 19.14 Very Old
Logan (LT) Tolbert SS HS HS South Carolina 19.14 Very Old
Logan Tolbert SS HS HS South Carolina 19.14 Very Old
Willie Burger 3B HS HS Penn State 19.14 Very Old
Karsen Lindell RHP HS HS Washington 19.15 Very Old
Ross Dodds 3B HS HS Fresno State 19.16 Very Old
Kody Clemens SS HS HS Texas 19.20 Very Old
Von Watson OF HS HS Lipscomb 19.20 Very Old
Tyler Ivey RHP HS HS Texas A&M 19.21 Very Old
Mitchell Hansen OF HS HS Stanford 19.24 Very Old
Tristan Metten SS HS HS Texas A&M 19.27 Very Old
Will Neely RHP HS HS Tennessee 19.30 Very Old
Gray Fenter RHP HS HS Mississippi State 19.50 Very Old
Jimmy Webb OF HS HS Wake Forest 19.51 Very Old
Tyrone Perry 1B HS HS Florida State 19.76 Very Old
Blake Perkins OF HS HS Arizona State 19.83 Very Old
MacGregor Hines RHP HS HS Florida 19.83 Very Old
For college players, I used their age and how many years they are passed high school to calculate if they are young or old compared to their peers.
Brady Aiken LHP PostGrad
18.95 Very Young
Gabriel Gonzalez RHP College J1 Southern Nevada 18.95 Very Young
Isiah Gilliam OF College J1 Chipola (Fla.) 19.01 Very Young
Jeff Harding RHP College J1 Chipola 19.02 Very Young
Case Rolen RHP College J1 Grayson (Texas) 19.03 Very Young
Francis Christy C College J2 Central Arizona CC 19.90 Very Young
Chandler Eden RHP College J2 Yavapai (Ariz.) 19.92 Very Young
Brandon Wagner 2B College J2 Howard (Texas) 19.93 Very Young
Blaine Prescott 2B College J2 Midland (Texas) 20.00 Very Young
C.J. Hinojosa SS College JR Texas 20.04 Very Young
Phil Bickford RHP College J2 Southern Nevada 20.05 Very Young
Max Karnos RHP College J2 Western Nevada 20.05 Very Young
M.T. Minacci SS College J2 Chipola (Fla.) 20.14 Very Young
Carl Wise 3B College JR College of Charleston 20.18 Very Young
Sean McLaughlin RHP College JR Georgia 20.20 Very Young
Troy Conyers LHP College JR San Diego 20.30 Very Young
Daniel Starwalt RHP College JR Stanford 20.47 Very Young
Drake Owenby LHP College JR Tennessee 20.55 Very Young
Daniel Sweet OF College J3 Dallas Baptist 20.58 Very Young
Richie Martin SS College JR Florida 20.60 Very Young
Anthony Misiewicz LHP College JR Michigan State 20.74 Very Young
Max Schrock 2B College JR South Carolina 20.79 Very Young
Ian Happ OF College JR Cincinnati 20.96 Very Young
Matt Rose 3B College JR Georgia State 20.96 Very Young
Alex Robinson LHP College JR Maryland 20.96 Very Young
Kyle Cody RHP College JR Kentucky 20.97 Very Young
Andrew Sopko RHP College JR Gonzaga 20.97 Very Young
Dalton Kelly 1B College JR UC Santa Barbara 20.98 Very Young
J.C. Cloney LHP College JR College of the Canyons (Calif.) 20.98 Very Young
Mark Mathias 2B College JR Cal Poly 20.99 Very Young
Cody Poteet RHP College JR UCLA 20.99 Very Young
Walker Buehler RHP College JR Vanderbilt 21.00 Very Young
Chase Mullins LHP College J3 Kentucky 21.02 Very Young
Jackson McClelland RHP College JR Pepperdine 21.02 Very Young
Tyler France 3B College JR San Diego State 21.04 Very Young
Ty France 3B College JR San Diego State 21.04 Very Young
Patrick Weigel RHP College J3 Oxnard (Calif.) 21.05 Very Young
Brandon Lowe 2B College JR Maryland 21.06 Very Young
Jaylin Davis OF College JR Appalachian State 21.07 Very Young
Jose Cuas 3B College JR Maryland 21.08 Very Young
Rhett Wiseman OF College JR Vanderbilt 21.10 Very Young
A.J. Simcox SS College JR Tennessee 21.10 Very Young
Thomas Eshelman RHP College JR Cal State Fullerton 21.10 Very Young
Timmy Robinson OF College JR Southern California 21.11 Very Young
Marcus Brakeman RHP College JR Stanford 21.12 Very Young
Kyle Wilcox RHP College JR Bryant 21.12 Very Young
Casey Hughston 1B College JR Alabama 21.13 Very Young
Michael Matuella RHP College JR Duke 21.15 Very Young
Harrison Bader OF College JR Florida 21.15 Very Young
Brandon Waddell LHP College JR Virginia 21.15 Very Young
Andrew Moore RHP College JR Oregon State 21.15 Very Young
Andrew Stevenson OF College JR Louisiana State 21.16 Very Young
Todd Isaacs OF College J1 Palm Beach State 19.18 Young
Ryan Burr RHP College JR Arizona State 21.17 Young
David Hill RHP College JR San Diego 21.17 Young
Grayson Long RHP College JR Texas A&M 21.17 Young
Donnie Walton SS College JR Oklahoma State 21.18 Young
Kyle Holder SS College JR San Diego 21.18 Young
Jake Drossner LHP College JR Maryland 21.20 Young
Vahn Bozoian OF College JR Concordia-Irvine 21.22 Young
Ben Johnson OF College JR Texas 21.23 Young
Mitchell Traver RHP College JR Texas Christian 21.24 Young
Chris Chinea C College JR Louisiana State 21.24 Young
Dillon Tate RHP College JR UC-Santa Barbara 21.24 Young
Cody Ponce RHP College JR Cal Poly Pomona 21.26 Young
Mac Marshall LHP College J1 Chipola (Fla.) 19.50 Average
Jacob Nix RHP College J1 IMG
19.55 Average
Garrett Benge 3B College J1 Cowley County CC 19.58 Average
D.J. Peters OF College J1 Western Nevada 19.62 Average
Reese Cooley OF College J1 Chipola (Fla.) 19.64 Average
C.D. Pelham LHP College J2 Spartanburg Methodist (S.C.) 20.43 Average
Jason Sierra OF College J2 Chipola (Fla.) 20.53 Average
Willie Calhoun 2B College SR Arizona 20.73 Average
Edwin Rios 2B College JR Florida International 21.27 Average
Korey Dunbar C College JR North Carolina 21.27 Average
Tyler Jay LHP College JR Illinois 21.27 Average
Trey Wingenter RHP College JR Auburn 21.28 Average
Mylz Jones 3B College JR Cal State Bakersfield 21.29 Average
Willie Schwanke 3B College J3 Grayson 21.31 Average
Jose Vizcaino SS College JR Santa Clara 21.31 Average
Alex Bregman SS College JR Louisiana State 21.33 Average
Dylan Hecht RHP College JR UC Santa Barbara 21.33 Average
Justin Garza RHP College JR Cal State Fullerton 21.36 Average
Alec Rash RHP College JR Missouri 21.36 Average
Kyle Funkhouser RHP College JR Louisville 21.37 Average
Robert Strader LHP College JR Louisville 21.37 Average
Jason Goldstein C College JR Illinois 21.39 Average
James Kaprielian RHP College JR UCLA 21.41 Average
George Iskenderian SS College JR Miami 21.41 Average
Brian Mundell C College JR Cal Poly 21.41 Average
Bowdien "Bubba" Derby RHP College JR San Diego State 21.42 Average
Trey Killian RHP College JR Arkansas 21.42 Average
Joe McCarthy OF College JR Virginia 21.42 Average
Tyler Neslony OF College JR Texas Tech 21.45 Average
Cam Gibson OF College J3 Michigan State 21.45 Average
Dansby Swanson SS College JR Vanderbilt 21.46 Average
Tate Matheny OF College JR Missouri State 21.46 Average
Ryan Kellogg LHP College JR Arizona State 21.48 Average
Vincent Jackson OF College JR Tennessee 21.48 Average
Johnny Caputo 3B College JR Stony Brook 21.48 Average
Kevin McCanna RHP College JR Rice 21.48 Average
Alex Deise LHP College JR Florida State 21.48 Average
Cole Irvin LHP College JR Oregon 21.49 Average
Casey Bloomquist RHP College JR Cal Poly-SLO 21.50 Average
Zack Erwin LHP College JR Clemson 21.51 Average
Hunter Virant LHP College JR UCLA 21.51 Average
Jacob Cronenworth RHP College JR Michigan 21.52 Average
Hunter Haley OF College JR Oklahoma 21.52 Average
Nolan Long RHP College JR Wagner 21.52 Average
Colin Poche LHP College JR Arkansas 21.53 Average
Tyler Krieger SS College JR Clemson 21.53 Average
Skye Bolt OF College JR North Carolina 21.53 Average
Jameis Winston RHP College JR Florida State 21.56 Average
Kyle Carter LHP College J3 Miami-Dade 21.56 Average
Kyle Twomey LHP College JR USC 21.58 Average
Eric Gutierrez 1B College JR Texas Tech 21.58 Average
Brandon Koch RHP College JR Dallas Baptist 21.59 Average
Josh Staumont RHP College JR Azusa Pacific 21.60 Average
Joseph Shaw RHP College JR Dallas Baptist 21.60 Average
Jameson Fisher C College JR Southeastern Louisiana 21.61 Average
Josh Sborz RHP College JR Virginia 21.61 Average
Taylor Ward C College JR Fresno State 21.62 Average
Carson Fulmer RHP College JR Vanderbilt 21.63 Average
Christin Stewart OF College JR Tennessee 21.63 Average
Kevin Duchene LHP College JR Illinois 21.63 Average
Travis Maezes 3B College JR Michigan 21.63 Average
Kal Simmons SS College JR Kennesaw State 21.63 Average
Clate Schmidt RHP College JR Clemson 21.63 Average
Trevor Megill RHP College SR Loyola-Marymount 21.64 Average
Andrew Lee RHP College JR Tennessee 21.65 Average
D.J. Stewart OF College JR Florida State 21.66 Average
Matt Gonzalez SS College JR Georgia Tech 21.66 Average
Jake Lemoine RHP College JR Houston 21.66 Average
Nathan Kirby LHP College JR Virginia 21.68 Average
Ian Gibaut RHP College JR Tulane 21.69 Average
P.J. Conlon LHP College JR San Diego 21.71 Average
Jacob Waguespack RHP College JR Mississippi 21.73 Average
Steven Duggar OF College JR Clemson 21.73 Average
Freddy Avis RHP College JR Stanford 21.73 Average
Jack Wynkoop LHP College JR South Carolina 21.73 Average
Eric Hanhold RHP College JR Florida 21.74 Average
Adam Choplick LHP College R-JR Oklahoma 22.69 Average
Brett Siddall 1B College SO Canisius 20.82 Old
Jarret DeHart OF College J2 Howard (Texas) 20.82 Old
Johnny Piedmonte RHP College SO North Carolina State 20.85 Old
Christian Williams 1B College J2 Gulf Coast State (Fla.) 20.87 Old
Ronnie Healy C College J2 Broward CC 20.87 Old
Grayson Jones RHP College J2 Shelton State (Ala.) 20.93 Old
Blake Hickman RHP College JR Iowa 21.75 Old
Austin Rei C College JR Washington 21.75 Old
Ryan Perez RHP College JR Judson 21.75 Old
Keaton Haack RHP College JR Alabama 21.76 Old
Blake Baxendale C College JR Arkansas 21.76 Old
Brandon Bonilla LHP College SR Grand Canyon 21.77 Old
Chris Shaw 1B College JR Boston College 21.77 Old
Tyler Stubblefield LHP College JR Texas A&M 21.77 Old
Justin Jacome LHP College JR UC-Santa Barbara 21.77 Old
Riley Ferrell RHP College JR TCU 21.78 Old
Jonathan Harris RHP College JR Missouri State 21.78 Old
C.J. Saylor C College JR San Diego State 21.79 Old
Pat Mazeika C College JR Stetson 21.79 Old
Travis Bergen LHP College JR Kennesaw State 21.80 Old
Tyler Ferguson RHP College JR Vanderbilt 21.81 Old
Mariano Rivera RHP College SR Iona (NY) 21.81 Old
Kevin Kramer SS College SR UCLA 21.82 Old
Trent Thornton RHP College JR North Carolina 21.82 Old
Sam Gillikin OF College JR Auburn 21.82 Old
Donnie Dewees OF College JR North Florida 21.83 Old
Matt Withrow RHP College JR Texas Tech 21.84 Old
Jordan Hillyer RHP College JR Kennesaw State 21.85 Old
Logan Taylor 3B College JR Texas A&M 21.85 Old
R.J. Ybarra C College JR Arizona State 21.85 Old
Brady Bramlett RHP College JR Mississippi 21.85 Old
James Marvel RHP College JR Duke 21.86 Old
Brendon Sanger OF College JR Florida Atlantic 21.88 Old
Dylan LaVelle 3B College J3 Everett (Wash.) 21.88 Old
Alex Young LHP College JR Texas Christian 21.88 Old
James Herget RHP College JR USF 21.88 Old
Brandon Lopez SS College JR Miami 21.88 Old
Blake Trahan SS College JR Louisiana-Lafayette 21.89 Old
Dylan Nelson RHP College J3 Radford 21.90 Old
Kyle Overstreet SS College JR Alabama 21.90 Old
Mikey White SS College JR Alabama 21.90 Old
A.J. Minter LHP College JR Texas A&M 21.90 Old
David Thompson OF College JR Miami 21.92 Old
Xavier Turner 3B College JR Vanderbilt 21.93 Old
Braden Bishop OF College JR Washington 21.93 Old
Dillon Dobson SS College JR Appalachian State 21.93 Old
Clay Casey OF College J1 Northwest Mississippi 20.21 Very Old
Duke Stunkel RHP College J1 St. Petersburg College 20.47 Very Old
Chris Oakley RHP College J2 Florence-Darlington (S.C.) 20.94 Very Old
Brett Binning SS College J2 Chabot (Calif.) 20.96 Very Old
Nick Zammarelli 3B College SO Elon 20.99 Very Old
Zach Farmer LHP College SO Ohio State 21.00 Very Old
Kacy Clemens RHP College SO Texas 21.00 Very Old
Cassidy Brown C College SO Loyola Marymount 21.02 Very Old
Austin Sexton RHP College SO Mississippi State 21.03 Very Old
Tyler Alexander LHP College SO TCU 21.04 Very Old
Jack Klein OF College SO Stanford 21.04 Very Old
Jon Duplantier RHP College SO Rice 21.05 Very Old
Andrew Benintendi OF College SO Arkansas 21.06 Very Old
Connor Heady SS College SO Kentucky 21.07 Very Old
Travis Lakins RHP College SO Ohio State 21.08 Very Old
Trent Paddon RHP College SO Oregon 21.10 Very Old
Taylor Cockrell RHP College SO State College of Florida-Manatee 21.10 Very Old
Will Haynie C College SO Alabama 21.13 Very Old
David Fletcher SS College SO Loyola Marymount 21.16 Very Old
Ryley MacEachern RHP College SO Stony Brook 21.17 Very Old
John Kilichowski LHP College SO Vanderbilt 21.20 Very Old
Dalton Dulin 2B College J2 Northwest Mississippi 21.22 Very Old
Andrew Dunlap RHP College SO Rice 21.23 Very Old
Daniel Pinero SS College SO Virginia 21.24 Very Old
Scott Kingery OF College SO Arizona 21.25 Very Old
Kort Peterson OF College SO UCLA 21.25 Very Old
Bernardo Bonifacio OF College J2 Northwest Florida State 21.48 Very Old
Garrett Chapman 3B College J2 Florence-Darlington (S.C.) 21.63 Very Old
Kyle Survance OF College SO Houston 21.64 Very Old
Daniel Kihle OF College SO Wichita State 21.82 Very Old
Breckin Williams RHP College SO Missouri 21.89 Very Old
Ian Rice C College J3 Houston 21.94 Very Old
Georgie Salem OF College JR Alabama 21.96 Very Old
Brett Lilek LHP College JR Arizona State 21.96 Very Old
Sarkis Ohanian RHP College SR Duke 21.98 Very Old
Kevin Newman SS College JR Arizona 21.98 Very Old
Kenny Koplove RHP College JR Duke 21.99 Very Old
Reilly Hovis RHP College JR North Carolina 21.99 Very Old
Drew Jackson SS College JR Stanford 22.00 Very Old
Boomer White OF College JR Texas A&M 22.00 Very Old
Gio Brusa OF College JR Pacific 22.01 Very Old
Ty Moore OF College JR UCLA 22.01 Very Old
Preston Morrison RHP College SR Texas Christian 22.02 Very Old
Jeff Hendrix OF College JR Oregon State 22.03 Very Old
Casey Schroeder C College JR Coastal Carolina 22.04 Very Old
Jorge Perez RHP College SR Grand Canyon 22.05 Very Old
Senquez Golson OF College SR Ole Miss 22.06 Very Old
Jake Kelzer RHP College JR Indiana 22.08 Very Old
Taylore Cherry RHP College JR North Carolina 22.09 Very Old
Tucker Simpson RHP College J2 Chipola 22.21 Very Old
Taylor Guilbeau LHP College SR Alabama 22.21 Very Old
Koda Glover RHP College JR Oklahoma State 22.29 Very Old
Brendan Hendriks 3B College SR San Francisco 22.29 Very Old
A.J. Murray 1B College SR Georgia Tech 22.32 Very Old
Mark Laird OF College SR Louisiana State 22.33 Very Old
David Berg RHP College SR UCLA 22.33 Very Old
Rock Rucker OF College JR Seminole State (Fla.) 22.35 Very Old
Luke Lowery C College JR East Carolina 22.36 Very Old
Parker French RHP College SR Texas 22.36 Very Old
Curt Britt RHP College JR South Carolina 22.40 Very Old
Alex Close 1B College SR Liberty 22.40 Very Old
Benton Moss RHP College SR North Carolina 22.43 Very Old
Garrett Mundell RHP College SR Fresno State 22.44 Very Old
Daniel Salters C College JR Dallas Baptist 22.47 Very Old
Will Carter RHP College J4 East Tennessee State 22.50 Very Old
Mitchell Gunsolus 3B College SR Gonzaga 22.51 Very Old
Zander Wiel 2B College SR Vanderbilt 22.54 Very Old
Tanner Rainey RHP College SR West Alabama 22.59 Very Old
Scott Heineman OF College SR Oregon 22.65 Very Old

Very Old
Chase Williams RHP College J4 Wichita State 22.68 Very Old
Josh Tobias SS College SR Florida 22.68 Very Old
Kyle Martin 1B College SR South Carolina 22.70 Very Old
John Clay Reeves C College SR Rice 22.71 Very Old
Conor Costello OF College SR Oklahoma State 22.73 Very Old
Jeff Degano LHP College JR Indiana State 22.74 Very Old
Austin Byler 1B College SR Nevada 22.78 Very Old
Connor Barron OF College SR Southern Mississippi 22.84 Very Old
Andrew Suarez LHP College SR Miami 22.88 Very Old
Christian Trent LHP College JR Mississippi 22.88 Very Old
Julius Gaines SS College SR Florida International 22.88 Very Old
Jordan Ramsey RHP College SR UNC Wilmington 22.89 Very Old
Zach Zehner OF College SR Cal Poly 22.97 Very Old
Colin Welmon RHP College SR Loyola-Marymount 22.97 Very Old
Gandy Stubblefield RHP College SR Texas A&M 23.01 Very Old
Philip Pfeifer LHP College SR Vanderbilt 23.04 Very Old
Blake Allemand 2B College SR Texas A&M 23.07 Very Old
Kolton Mahoney RHP College JR Brigham Young 23.19 Very Old