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2015 MLB Draft: prospects with major league bloodlines, part one

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Daz Cameron
Daz Cameron
Reid Compton, USA Today

Genetics aren't everything, but they certainly don't hurt. There are many players from prominent baseball families eligible for the 2015 MLB draft. Many of these names are familiar, but a few are more obscure.

This is Part One; Part Two will follow tomorrow.

Daz Cameron, OF: A high school outfielder from Georgia, Cameron has been a fixture on the showcase circuit for some time. Like his father Mike, Daz is a multi-tooled, multi-skilled athlete with speed and power. His defense is impressive too and his instincts are first-class as you would expect. His stock has fluctuated a bit this spring but he is a certain first-rounder and almost certainly in the top ten.

Drew Finley, RHP: This high school right-hander from California is the son of David Finley, Dodgers VP of scouting. Finley has a Southern California college commitment but is expected to be drafted early enough to sign, on the basis of his athleticism, low-90s fastball and highly-promising curve.

Cam Gibson, OF: Son of Kirk Gibson, Cam hit .294/.378/.437 for Michigan State University this spring, hitting five homers with 17 steals. He doesn't have as much power as his father did and doesn't project as a star, but he's a good athlete who could be solid as a fourth outfielder. He should go in a single digit round.

Ke'Bryan Hayes, 3B: Son of former major leaguer Charlie Hayes, Texas prep Ke'Bryan isn't as toolsy as some but is very polished, with a mature hitting approach, solid power, and enough athleticism/arm strength to remain at third base. He will get drafted early enough to pass up college at Tennessee and many experts see him as being similar to his father down the line.

Juan Hillman, LHP: This high school lefty from Florida is the godson of Tom Gordon and lives with the Gordon family. Although the genetic bloodline isn't there, the baseball-oriented social environment certainly is, reflected in Hillman's superb pitchability and command. Despite a non-blazing fastball, he should be off the board before the second round.

David Lucroy, RHP: Brother of Jonathan Lucroy, David is a solid starting pitcher at East Carolina University, posting a 2.18 ERA with a 47/29 K/BB in 66 innings. He has designs on the single digit rounds as a budget redshirt junior with some upside. He throws hard (reportedly mid-90s) but his secondary pitches are inconsistent.

Quinnton Mack, OF: The son of Quinn Mack and nephew of Shane, Quinnton is an older college senior at New Mexico State University and is already 23 due to a lost medical redshirt season in 2014. That hampers his draft status considerably but there is enough here to interest clubs in later rounds. He flashes pop and speed and has thrived this spring (.353/.456/.535, 13 steals, 30 walks) despite playing for a horrible 11-38 team.

Tate Matheny, OF: A right-handed hitting outfielder from Missouri State University, Tate is the son of Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. His tools are considered solid across the board and he hit .294/.419/.441 this year with 12 steals and 32 walks. He may be something of a tweener but he'll certainly be drafted, sooner than the 23rd round where the Cards drafted him out of high school back in 2012. 

Hutton Moyer, 2B: The son of Jamie Moyer, Hutton is a switch-hitting middle infielder at Pepperdine University, hitting .280/.393/.541 this season with 13 homers and 13 steals. He has unusual pop for a college second baseman  but this comes at the expense of contact, with 57 strikeouts against 26 walks in 55 games, 207 at-bats. He could go in a single digit round to a team not worried about the contact issue.

Look for Part Two, letters N through Z, tomorrow.