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Catch Y'all on Down the Trail...

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A farewell to (California League) arms, at least my evaluations of them here at Minor League Ball

Unfortunately I have no player reports to pass along today. I won’t bury the lede here, I’ve accepted a position on the Baseball Prospectus prospect team, so this will be my last post here at Minor League Ball.

I’ve had the good fortune to do a lot of cool things in my life, and having the privilege to write about baseball semi-professionally is certainly up there. I mentioned this in my first post here, and it’s fitting to revisit it in my last: I’ve been a big fan of John’s work for a long time. The depth of coverage he’s been able to consistently churn out as a largely one-man shop over the years is awesome, and I owe a great deal of my origin story in prospecting to the reports he’s posted in this space for pretty much the entirety of my adult life.

I knew a lot about the quality of the content here prior to joining the ranks, but I wasn’t as familiar with the community aspect, and that’s been my greatest takeaway from my time writing here. A lot of really smart, passionate people read and comment here on the regular, and it’s been pretty tremendous getting to know and interact with a lot of you here, over email, on Twitter…

I’d like to thank John for the opportunity to write here and share my thoughts on the players I get to watch. He’s obviously created a very high standard on this blog, and that standard has pushed me to become a better writer and evaluator in my time here.

See y’all at the ballpark.