MOD Royals 2015 Draft Pt I

Welcome to the 2015 community draft! This is one of my favorite things of the year, other than the actual draft, so I intend on being very active in things.

The State of the Farm:

So the current Royals farm system seems mixed. There is pitching and some hitting depth, but everybody seems to be somewhat underwhelming. Injuries have hurt a bit of the depth right now with Zimmer, Mondesi and Manaea all being hurt to start the year. Obviously this is only a small part of an overall career for them, but we should all be well aware of the capacity for injury the human body has and how it can derail the best laid tracks.

At the top of the org, pitching is probably the best. Zimmer and Manaea both present the ability to be front line pitchers with Finnegan and Almonte following behind them.

On the hitting side, Dozier, Starling, and Bonifacio (maybe Cuthbert) provide the potential bats but none of them are safe bets in the majors (at least in a prospect sense).

In the lower rings though there is a mix of both. Chase Vallot, Elier Hernandez, Ryan O'Hearn, and Marten Gasparini represent some names that have potential impact, while Foster Griffin, Scott Blewett, and Eric Skoglund (all coming from the 2014 draft) are candidates possibly for the Royals future rotation.


Some would argue that after the first 15 picks or so the term BPA doesn't really apply because at that point every draft board will likely be different. Scout A could think Player X is the best, while Scout B thinks that Player Y is the best. On the other hand, I don't think the Royals need to target one position. Looking into the future of the big league club, since the sole purpose of a farm system is meant to stock the major league team, 2017/2018 seems to see a max exodus of an overwhelming number of core players. You could look at it two ways.

First, the 2015 draft should focus on someone who's near big league ready (ala Brandon Finnegan) that can help the club compete in it's current window, since the future window seems shaky with the amount of players due to leave.

On the other hand though, you could focus on guys who are at least 2-3 years out (think high schoolers) and start a new youth movement that is ready to fill in for the departing players

Maybe we could/should go this way:

1. Who's fallen to them? Are any of the consensus top-15 or so available? Has someone fallen because of an injury concern, but we think it is probably being overstated (like Brandon Finnegan or Sean Manaea)?

2. Highest ceiling pick with little concern for floor

3. Highest floor that could be ready soon

I'm open for whatever everyone thinks, but I think point #1 (fallen player) is what we should be looking for first.


Below you'll find some links to draft articles that should put some names on the tips of your tongues. We can basically ignore the consensus top 5-10 and look for fringe top-10 guys who may fall and mid-range players for our first (and most important) pick.

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