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2015 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft scouting director assignments

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Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the signup list for the 2015 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft, to be held on Sunday, May 31st, and 12-noon central time. If you are interested in being a scouting director, read up on the ground rules in yesterday's post and ask for a team assignment in the comment thread along with a run-down on your qualifications.

I will fill this list out as the afternoon progresses.

Arizona Diamondbacks prince of power
Atlanta Braves matp31
Baltimore Orioles chris slade
Boston Red Sox romo45
Chicago Cubs sanders68
Chicago White Sox chisox1023
Cincinnati Reds casejud
Cleveland Indians reillocity
Colorado Rockies Lyrefire
Detroit Tigers Shankbone
Houston Astros Justin Purline
Kansas City Royals Shaun Newkirk
Los Angeles Angels BLUEFAN1410
Los Angeles Dodgers Saulgoode
Miami Marlins Raysman1
Milwaukee Brewers ilikeburritos
Minnesota Twins John Sickels
New York Mets mtk52983
New York Yankees cookiedabookie
Oakland Athletics guestimo
Philadelphia Phillies squire
Pittsburgh Pirates mav22
St. Louis Cardinals cardzZilla
San Diego Padres stevehoffmanslowey
San Francisco Giants Nnamdi Asomugha
Seattle Mariners kschrist2000
Tampa Bay Rays AndrewTorrez
Texas Rangers Chrissvc
Toronto Blue Jays 4dizzle
Washington Nationals inter politics