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2015 MLB Draft: Third Basemen

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There are a handful of guys here that have future all-star potential. It's just that they all have questions or are 4-5 years from making an impact at the big league level.

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Xavier Turner
Xavier Turner
Frederick Breedon, Getty Images

Third Base typically has some of the most impact of any position but this year is a bit of a down year for clear impact talent.  Don't get me wrong, almost all of these guys have impact ability. It's just that most of them have questions. Some more than others.

Ke'Bryan Hayes is the son of former big league 3B, Charlie Hayes, and that says a lot. Ke'Bryan is an awful lot like his dad. He is a 3B, good bat, solid contact ability. He has a strong arm. His dad topped out in 1993 with a 3 WAR season and I could see Ke'Bryan end up with a similar ceiling. He could be an impact bat. His swing strong and produces power.  It can get long and I could see him having some swing and miss issues but he is the best 3B prospect in the prep class. He is committed to Tennessee if he doesn't go pro, which I can't see happening.

Bryce Denton has some electricity in his bat. He has some serious bat speed. He's an above average runner, has soft hands and a very strong arm. He isn't as big as some of the other 3B's in the class but in all honesty, I could see him playing SS early in his career. He is committed to Vanderbilt, just as Julian Infante is and if they both go to Vandy, that could happen at some point. His bat will play at a corner though.

Julian Infante is committed to Vanderbilt, so he is going to be a tough sign but he is worth the investment if you can get him into pro ball. He's a big, strong hitter. His hards are key to his defense and his hitting. He has soft hands on D and looks like he could be an excellent defender with a good arm. He gets low and gets that glove on the ground with ease. At the plate, he has really fast hands. He keeps them inside the ball and rips it. He has an intriguing set of skills and it will cost a pro team quite a bit to get him, if they can. Otherwise Tim Corbin will have another excellent player at Vandy.

Ty Buck is a huge kid. He isn't quick at 3B and I have no idea if he can play it as a pro. He has the arm for it and looking at his size, he may end up moving to a corner OF spot or even 1B in the long run but the big man can hit. He has big time power. He isn't quiet at the plate and has quite a bit of movement. Considering he's from the north, he may struggle with good pitching. He is the best prospect in Minnesota and plays for the same high school as the best prospect from MN in 2013, Ryan Boldt. He is committed to Iowa Western CC, so he should be signable but it is a pretty good program, so you never know.

Tyler Nevin may sound familiar. His pops was Phil Nevin, 1992 #1 overall pick, five picks ahead of Derek Jeter. Also, six picks ahead of Calvin Murray, who is the uncle of top short stop prospect Kyler. But back to the point; Nevin looks the part of a future starting 3B. I like his simple swing. He generates power with it and should hit for plenty of extra bases. Nevin missed his sophomore season with an injury but Nevin is right in that range where he could be an excellent piece of clay to work with for professional development but I can really see him getting an education and being a stud at UCLA. He's going to be interesting to follow come draft day.

Trey Cabbage is a long, lean athletic third baseman. He has the athleticism to be excellent at the hot corner. He has a strong arm and should be a solid defender. His swing is a simple, strong swing.  He has power projection as well as the arm to profile as a starter at the hot corner. He has a lot of potential.

Willie Burger has lightning quick wrists. He has that quick twitch swing like that of Clint Frazier, Chris Okey and Tyler O'Neill. It is very handsy and there is strength there but with that kind of aggressive hack comes swing and miss. I'm sure Burger won't be immune to that. He has taken reps at catcher as well and there could be a chance he ends up behind the dish like what the Cards are trying to do with Carson Kelly but that would have to take buy in from Burger and I have no idea if he would go for it. If he goes to college, he's going to Penn State.

Brenden Spillane is a physical kid. He's 6'4", 210+ and has soild power projection. He hits the ball hard. He has a bit of a long swing but I don't see any red flags. He may not have a quick enough release to play 3B as a pro. He has a strong arm but has had TJ surgery. He is commited to Illinois if he goes to college.

Matt Kroon is more well known for his defense than his bat. He is a smooth fielder with a strong arm and has a shot at sticking at SS. His bat would fit better there as well. He hits the ball hard but doesn't project to hit for a lot of power. He is a guy that seems like a college guy. He's commited to Oregon.

Xavier Turner is an odd story. Last year during the College World Series, Xavier was suspended. He went to summer school but was still suspended from the baseball team and this January, his coach re-iterated he would not be playing. He is serving a one-year NCAA suspension. I have no idea why he is suspended other than he violated NCAA regulations, which could mean just about anything. I've asked a few people and have never received any response. But, he is still eligible to be drafted this year and has recently been participating in team workouts. He has shown occasional power, a decent bat and very good athleticism. He should have signed with the Red Sox in 2012. There are a lot of questions and not a lot of answers but he is a good athlete.

Ryan Karstetter looks the part. At 6'4,200, he checks that box. He has a strong arm, is an above average runner and has quick feet. At the plate, he has some power potential. His swing is a bit long but he has good bat control. He glides on the field and makes it look easy. Detractors will say it doesn't look like he's busting it out there. He is commited to Virginia if he doesn't get drafted or sign.

Austin Riley isn't the most athletic guy but he has a lot of power at the plate and on the mound. He has a low 90's fastball with more in the tank, potentially. He has a powerful swing but the footwork and the hands may push him to 1B. He isn't going to cover a lot of ground in the OF. He is commited to Mississippi State and could be a very good two way player for them if he doesn't sign. I think that's his most likely route.

Ross Dodds is another long limbed athlete that looks like he has the hands and the bat to play in the dirt but I haven't seen a lot of him and haven't got a good read on his bat. He's headed to Fresno State if he doesn't sign.

Name Commitment/College
Ke'Bryan Hayes HS HS Tennessee
Bryce Denton HS HS Vanderbilt
Julian Infante HS HS Vanderbilt
Ty Buck HS HS Iowa Western CC
Tyler Nevin HS HS UCLA
Trey Cabbage HS HS Tennessee
Willie Burger HS HS Penn State
Brenden Spillane HS HS Illinois
Matthew Kroon HS HS Oregon
Xavier Turner College JR Vanderbilt
Ryan Karstetter HS HS Virginia
Austin Riley HS HS Mississippi State
Ross Dodds HS HS Fresno State
Evan Lee HS HS Kent State
Mitchell Gunsolus College SR Gonzaga
Mylz Jones College JR Cal State Bakersfield
George Hewitt HS HS Michigan