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2015 Baseball Prospect Book paper copies now shipping

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Today some of you will start receiving your paper copies of the 2015 Baseball Prospect Book in the mail. We started shipping books on Monday, oldest orders first, and they are going out in waves every day. Rather than do a mass mailing on a single day as we did in the past, we had to do things a little differently this year.

The book this year is over 100 pages larger than last year, 578 pages instead of 457. Here's a photo so you can see the difference:



Very cool, but the increase in size presented unexpected complications. The books no longer fit into the Priority Mail envelopes that we had used for years. It was obvious many books were going to get damaged if we didn't find another way to ship them. Accordingly, this year we are using a padded envelope that fits the book perfectly. They will definitely come through in better condition, which has been a problem in the past even with smaller editions.

The other problem here is that with the new envelopes takes longer to pack each book, and we have to do the postage differently. The books will take a couple of extra days to get to their destination, and it takes longer to pack and prepare each order. We are diligently working through the orders and we anticipate that we will be caught up by Saturday.

We are also using a new printer this year and while the book will retain (and likely always will retain) a homemade feel, the paper and binding are better quality. However, this meant that the books took longer to produce and increased production costs. Your patience is much appreciated.

We started shipping Monday, which means a few of you will be getting books today, more of you tomorrow, more of you on Saturday, and a whole bunch of you on Monday. So watch your mailboxes!

What's that? You haven't ordered the book yet? Well what are you waiting for!  You can order the PDF version and have it by tomorrow morning (they are emailed every 24 hours), or you can order the paper copy, get it sometime next week, AND still receive the PDF! That's right, everyone gets the PDF, even if you ordered a paper copy.

Remember, the 2015 Baseball Prospect Book is American made! Don't let prospect analysis jobs go to China. Support a literal mom-and-pop family operation and enjoy a book with reports on almost 1,200 minor league players.