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Minor League Ball Gameday, Thursday, April 2

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Mike Matuella
Mike Matuella

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to your daily Minor League Ball Gameday discussion thread. I was having some computer issues yesterday (it was taking five minutes for any internet page to load) but today the intertubes seem to be back to normal such as they are.

***The latest Tommy John victim (or is it beneficiary?) is Houston Astros pitching prospect right-hander Kyle Smith.

***Would you want your team to draft Brady Aiken in the first round?

***Duke University right-hander Mike Matuella is down with the procedure as well. What about him? How soon would you be willing to draft Aiken or Matuella if you were running a club?

As usual, feel free to discuss anything prospect and baseball-oriented. These threads will get much more informative and detailed once the regular minor league season gets going next week. Nick Melotte has a lot of cool stuff planned to keep you entertained and informed every day. It is going to be a great year.