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Chris Heston, the Matt Shoemaker of 2015
Chris Heston, the Matt Shoemaker of 2015
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We haven't had a suggestion thread for a while, so let's remedy that right now.

What are your suggestions for coverage here at Minor League Ball in 2015? Nick Melotte's Gameday thread is extremely popular and I think we are all appreciate how much work he's put in and how he's put everything together. What else would you like to see?

Here are some things in store:

***I will start doing "Minor League Notes" tomorrow. This will be a compliment to the Gameday thread and will focus (although not exclusively) on prospects who are more obscure and not included in the Gameday spreadsheet yet. It is likely to be more impressionistic than hard-core sabermetric at this point although the topics will vary. Sleepers will be a frequent subject, trying to discover the Chris Hestons and Matt Shoemakers and Mike Fiersi (I think that is the plural of Fiers) ahead of the curve.

I'm trying to think of a catchy name for it. "Minor League Notes" would be accurate but dull. How about "Minor League Ball Daily Blend" or something similar, since it will have a mixture of material?

***More Prospect Retrospectives. Feel free to suggest candidates for study.

***2015 MLB Draft material. Matt Garrioch has a lot coming up. Chris Slade keeps us updated weekly on the college game and Wilson Karaman will also be contributing. I will also write some draft articles myself, focusing on picking out sleeper types since that is the topic that I like best.

***I will have an update on the hard copies of the 2015 Baseball Prospect Book very soon. A good update that you will like. Once the hard copies come in I will be posting more excerpts to convince you to buy it.

***What other things would you like to see?