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2015 Baseball Prospect Book rough draft complete

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Jorge Soler is smiling. You will be too soon.
Jorge Soler is smiling. You will be too soon.
Rich Pilling/Getty Images

I just finished the rough draft of the 2015 Baseball Prospect Book. Here are the next steps:

***STEP ONE: Tomorrow I will get the Los Angeles Dodgers Top 20 Prospect list finished and posted.

***STEP TWO: Complete and refine the Top 50/50 prospect list, then email it to everyone who ordered the book and gave us a valid email address. I hope this will be Tuesday.

***STEP THREE: Then I will conduct a very rough and dirty edit of the rough draft. The most important thing is to get the book out the door as fast as possible, but there are some unavoidable production steps that simply take some time to do, file formatting and such. Even if we did no editing at all, this will take a couple of days. The rough draft exists as 35 seperate files that have to be stitched together.

***STEP FOUR: Once step three is complete, I will then email the PDF to everyone who ordered the .PDF as well as everyone who ordered the print copy and gave us a valid email.

***STEP FIVE: Send the .PDF to the printer company for production of the print copies. It is out of my hands at that point.

***STEP SIX: Revise the Top 20 Prospect Lists here at Minor League Ball to account for off-season trades, especially important for the Atlanta Braves!

***STEP SEVEN: Top 175 prospects for 2015, which will be posted here at Minor League Ball.

Thank you for the tremendous patience that you have shown.

This is my 20th prospect book dating back to the STATS days. The book is larger than ever, and it is not as easy to do this at age 47 as it was at age 27. We will see what the future holds.