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Minor League Ball Gameday, Tuesday, March 10

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Note how Yu Darvish is using his left hand to hold the baseball
Note how Yu Darvish is using his left hand to hold the baseball
Norm Hall/Getty Images

With 2015 MLB Spring Training well underway, it is time to revive the daily Minor League Ball Gameday thread. This will get more detailed as the spring progresses and certainly when the regular season starts of course. This is the place to discuss and share your daily baseball news and thoughts.

Some potential points to talk about:

***If you were running the Texas Rangers, what would you do to cover the loss of Yu Darvish to Tommy John surgery? Let's say there are no magic trades on the horizon and you have to fill that spot from within. Any prospects you would give the slot to? Is it too early to think about Alex Gonzalez? Luke Jackson? Alec Asher? Convert Joey Gallo to pitching?

***Have any prospects for your favorite team made a strong impression so far? Anyone you've found disappointing? Granted the sample sizes are small and meaningless at this point. . .but that won't stop us.

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