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Wednesday morning Minor League Ball update

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Good morning everyone. I got the test results back today and the good news is that everything they biopsied during my colonoscopy and endoscopy was benign. The bad news is that there was also no clear cause for my health problems over the last few months. However, the GI doctor believes that ultimately this is probably my gallbladder (even though there were no stones), based on the constellation of symptoms.

Because it is ruining my life they want to move quickly on it, so I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow. The GI says that if the surgeon concurs with their assessment that I could have surgery as early as next week, perhaps as soon as Monday. In the meantime they have given me more nausea and pain meds to try and keep me going.

I should know tomorrow what day I will have surgery. I will do everything in my power to have all the prospect lists and the rough draft of the book done before surgery day, but that will depend on how functional I am over the next few days and of course what day the surgery actually turns out to be. If the surgery is Monday it won't happen; it if it is next Thursday or Friday it might.

Thank you for all your warm thoughts and support. It means the world.