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Kolten Wong
Kolten Wong
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I am now hard at work on the Tampa Bay Rays Top 20 Prospects List for 2015. The next team in line is the St. Louis Cardinals, to be followed by the Oakland Athletics and then the Los Angeles Dodgers to finish the series.

Use this thread to discuss the St. Louis Cardinals farm system and organization in general. Some possible points for discussion include, but are certainly not limited to,

****This winter has brought some difficult change to the Cardinals, made necessary by the auto accident which took the life of rookie outfielder Oscar Taveras. His replacement, at least in the short term, is Jason Heyward, brought in from the Atlanta Braves. Heyward was an excellent prospect five years ago and has been a very productive big leaguer, especially on defense, though not the star expected as a hitter. Do you think Heyward can blossom offensively with a new organization? (I have a strong opinion about this but will hold my fire for the comments).

****Let's say you are playing Game Seven of the World Series against the Boston Red Sox in Boston. You have to pick one rookie pitcher out of your farm system to start the game, but it can't be Marco Gonzales. You burned out your bullpen in the first six games and you don't have Madison Bumgarner, so you can't go with a super-quick hook without risking someone's career. You really need the Game Seven guy to go five innings if possible; no "pitch to one hitter" stunts. Who do you pick?

****If you had to give 500 at-bats to either Randal Grichuk or Stephen Piscotty, who would you choose?

****True or False: Kolten Wong will be able to boost his OBP and batting average without cutting into his isolated power.

****As always, feel free to discuss sleepers and under-rated you like, or over-rated prospects you don't.