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Minor League Ball status report, February 21

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Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Here is an update on where things stand at Minor League Ball and the Baseball Prospect Book, as of Saturday evening, February 21st.

****I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy yesterday, the doctors attempting to discern why I have been sick for three months. The good news is that they found a few minor problems (I will spare you the details, you can check my personal Facebook page if you are interested), but nothing out of the ordinary for someone my age. But that's also the bad news: they didn't find anything to explain my sickness.

****I have noticed over the weeks that the symptoms get much worse in the afternoon and evening.

****If we can't figure out what is wrong, I need to concentrate on symptom control. Trying to get a handle on this, I am putting myself on a liquid diet after 1 PM, only eating solid food in the mornings. Today was the first day of this and I am happy to report that I was able to work through the afternoon and evening. The Miami Marlins prospect list will be posted tomorrow.

****Assuming this remains true, I hope to finish the Top 20 Prospect Lists and the 2015 Baseball Prospect Book within the next seven days. I am NOT promising that, but that is the goal. It should be achievable if I can avoid more trips to the ER.

****What I can promise you is this: the .pdf version of the book will be emailed to everyone who ordered both the .pdf and the print copy as soon as it is finished. The editing will be rough but this thing needs to get out the door. I know everyone is telling me to take care of myself first, and I assure you I am doing that, but it will be a great relief to me to get this off my back.

****I want to thank everyone for their support. You guys have been wonderful. I also want to thank the staff at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

****By the way, if you are in your 40s or older, or if you have a bad family history, or if you are having persistent digestive troubles, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT A COLONOSCOPY AND ENDOSCOPY. The worst part is the prep work; the procedure itself is easy. You will sleep through the whole thing, and it is certainly less scary than getting cancer or wondering why you have a stomach ache that won't go away! I hate needles and I hate hospitals. If a pain wuss like me can get through it, you can too.