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Minor League Ball status report: too much ER, not enough ERA

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So I ended up in the ER again yesterday with horrific stomach cramps and uncontrollable nausea. While there, I turbo-barfed all over the treatment room. Fun! They ran a bunch of tests and the good news is that everything was normal including liver functions.This eases some of the worst-case scenario concerns I've been dealing with, but it also doesn't get us much closer to finding out what is wrong with me. We are now up to three months of constant pain and it is tough to function like that.

We got home about 4 AM. Tomorrow is my colonoscopy and endoscopy, so today I am having to drink lots of laxatives. More fun and games.

I am too tired and worn out to work effectively and I am really getting frustrated with this whole thing. I was hoping to have all the prospect lists and the book finished this weekend but that will depend on my health returning to some sort of workable status in the coming days. I know everyone says "don't worry about it,"  but I DO worry about it.