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Minor League Ball and Baseball Prospect Book Update, February 11

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Carl Court/Getty Images

Here's an update on the status of the Baseball Prospect Book.

I am about 10 work days from having this finished. The electronic copies would go out about three or four days after that. Print copies will depend on the printer turn-around.

The complicating factor is my current painful mysterious illness, which is slowing me down. I saw the GI specialist Monday and he wants to run a new batch of tests. Alas he doesn't know what is wrong but hopefully soon we will find out. The first test is tomorrow with more tests of the gallbladder, although he doesn't think that is the real problem he wants to rule it out. After that it will be endoscopy time. Yippie.

The symptoms are changing. The general abdominal pain has spread to other parts of my body, which I am not happy about. Pain killers help but only to a certain extent at this point. More than anything I want a diagnosis.

I can still work just at a reduced pace. Forward march!