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Chris Mitchell : Good to be on board talking Baseball

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Hello SBNation and readers, my name is Chris Mitchell and I am excited to be a new contributor to the site. I have been writing and Podcasting about Fantasy baseball and minor league prospects for sites like and and I have even tossed around some nouns, verbs and the occasional adjective about Daily Fantasy Hockey, but we won't bother with that here.

What will we bother with when I contribute to We are going to swerve back and forth, in and out, and from side to side on topics and subjects ranging from minor league prospects to major league baseball and from Fantasy baseball to "real" baseball. I will discuss the comings and goings on the field as well as the scuttlebutt and the accuracy, or more often than not inaccuracies, of the media and the consensus opinions of the day. It isn't any fun to run with the herd and there is nothing I like more than disagreeing with the media masses and doing the best I can to prove myself right.

Fantasy baseball has had an almost incalculable impact on our opinions about major league baseball and that impact has changed the way we think and how we analyze the sport and its players. Playing Fantasy baseball and following players daily performance through the framework of Fantasy sports has changed our impressions of the games players and our gut evaluations of them. A player that doesn't hit a lot of home runs or steal a bunch of bases or strike out a ton of batters - the standard scoring categories for Fantasy baseball - doesn't get the same media coverage and subsequently the same respect from fans as the players that bring the hammer in those categories.

Sabermetricians are doing their best to tell us all why we're all wrong in their noble attempt to bring the sexy back to defense and base running but they have their own myriad of issues with how they are going about that effort. WAR? Seriously? You are buying into WAR? We have some work to do together my friends. By covering and analyzing both the sabermetric and Fantasy factions of the baseball world I have developed a perspective on each and I will do the best I can to bring that to SBNation and

I hope to bring Blogs as well as columns, long form as well as short blurbs. I plan to post videos as well as Podcasts with experts as well as fans of the best game we got, baseball. And if all goes well I will be serious and analytical as well as light-hearted and outlandish. Baseball often represents both the best and worst of our society and American culture and I will do my best to put it all in the proper perspective in as entertaining a way possible. Its good to be here, I hope you will be on board with me to see how it goes so buckle up and lets get after it.

Chris Mitchell is a staff writer for, host of "The RotoExperts Fantasy Sports Show" and a Contributing Writer for You can find him on Twitter @CJMitch73.