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The "Clearing the Bases" Podcast w/ Host Chris Mitchell and Guest Lenny Melnick

Lee Warren

Clearing the Bases Podcast with Lenny Melnick

With the Fantasy football season over and the Hot Stove baseball season in full swing I am happy to announce that I will be providing Baseball podcasts all winter long. We have done two Podcasts so far that will be posted today and a second in a few days.

The first Podcast is with Fantasy sports legend and Baseball enthusiast Lenny Melnick from and SiriusXM Radio. In this Podcast Lenny and I discuss the offseason moves and their ramifications division by division. We look at the teams as well as the impact players. We discuss the available free agents and which teams need to acquire them as well as speculate on the most recent rumors and innuendo.

To Listen to Lenny Melnick and Chris Mitchell break down the 2015-2016 offseason click on this link:

My second Podcast of the offseason, which will be posted in a couple of days, was with Rob Neyer of Fox Sports. In that Podcast we discuss the history of the Winter Meetings and provide some perspective about how teams approach them and what they used to use them for and how things have changed in todays game compared to the past. We also discuss some of the bigger moves and signings in recent history and their impact on the up coming 2016 season. A link will be included with that posting.

The name of the Podcast going forward will be "The Podcast To Be Named Later" and it will be posted here at as well as have its own Facebook group for discussion and debate. Our first two Podcasts were done under the title "Clearing the Bases," but we won't be using that name unless I decide to change it again (which I don't intend to do). You will be able to follow it on and you can be alerted when it airs. If you follow the group and the Podcast on Facebook you can be provided alerts to its events and airings as well.

The Podcast will discuss the comings and goings of the offseason and speculate about the future of players and organizations involved. It will discuss the up coming season as well as previous seasons, both major leaguers and minor league prospects and we will dabble in MLB as well as Fantasy baseball when it seems relevant, compelling and timely. If it has to do with seams and base lines, home runs and strikeouts then we will discuss and debate it with guests like Rob Neyer and Lenny Melnick as well as other national baseball media figures who have interesting takes on America's game.

On the agenda going forward, I plan to discuss all 32 major league teams individually with guests familiar with the organizations and local analysts whenever possible and I plan to do it all before opening day. That’s a lofty goal, but it’s the plan and I intend to get it done. I hope you will join my guests and I all winter long through the cold and blustery.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and a happy New Year. 2016 is upon us and the baseball season isn't far away. We hope 2016 is better than the last and we lso hope you spend some of it listening to us on PTBNL. Please be safe and drive sober for New Years everybody.

Chris Mitchell is a staff writer for, a Contributing writer for, SBNation's and He also hosts two Podcasts: "A Podcast To Be Named Later" and "The RotoExperts Fantasy Sports Show" that formerly aired on the Fantasy Sports Network (FNTSY). You can find him on Twitter @CJMitch73.