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Spoiler Free review of The Force Awakens

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Here are my Spoiler Free impressions of The Force Awakens:

---JJ Abrams is much better at making Star Wars movies than Star Trek movies.

---Like all JJ Abrams films, it is visually stunning. I am very pleased they used real sets and traditional model work without overusing CGI.

---Acting and casting are all very good to excellent.

---Dialog is very good for the most part, much better than the prequels

---Like all JJ Abrams films, there are plot holes and WTF moments that could have been fixed with a minor re-write without ruining the basic plot or making the movie less exciting. But like all JJ Abrams films, the story never got that final going-over to clear up the holes, relying on cool explosions and excitement to overcome writing issues. I don't know why he is so sloppy about such things. It keeps him from being a truly legendary director.

---It is not as good as A New Hope.

---It is not nearly as good as The Empire Strikes Back.

---There is nothing in the film as good as the Death Star/Emperor Palpatine scenes in Return of the Jedi.

---There is nothing in the film as annoying as Ewoks.

---It is way better than The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones.

---There is nothing in this film I found as compelling as Ian McDiarmid's performance as Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith.

---There is nothing in this film as clunky as some of the bad dialog in Sith.

Overall, it is a very entertaining film. I enjoyed it and will see it again. But as with everything else Abrams does, the flaws were frustratingly preventable.

In a way, it is the flip side of the prequels. The dialog and acting is SO much better and the special effects are a lot more real. The prequels got bogged down in exposition. But this one actually needed MORE exposition to be satisfying in the way Episodes IV and V were.

Discuss the film in the comments section, but AVOID SPOILERS!!!!!!